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January 09, 2009

Daniel is 6 months today!

It's hard to believe that our little guy is already 6 months old! He's changed so much in the past 6 months (and in the past year for that matter...hehehe...).

He's been doing remarkably well recently, aside from having a persistent cold that he's dealt with as best he can. Since his birth, he's been in the hospital twice (including his birth, I should say!), had a urinary tract infection caused by Group B Strep (that I passed on to him during delivery...eep!), had several tests on his kidneys and urinary tract and all of that good stuff. Luckily he's been a good sport and hardly complained!

In other non-medical things, in his 6 months he's taken two airplane trips (one to Montana, one to Arizona), visited a total of 5 states (Nevada, California, Utah, Montana and Arizona), attended a couple of football games, and taken a few short car trips. He's becoming quite the traveler!

Daniel has been going to daycare at Mike's work since he was about 6 weeks old. He loves to interact with all of the kids there and the ladies there love him too! They say how he loves to cuddle and hardly fusses at all (we wonder if they have the right baby??? :) ). At daycare these days he still loves to be in his swing, but also has ventured out into sitting in the Bumbo seat and playing in the jumper. He notices alot of the toys, and loves to look at himself in the big mirror! Just recently he started being able to sit up on his own (although he can't sit himself up, and he does flop over from time to time, so we have to watch him!)! At Christmas time, he was still practicing trying to roll over, but since he doesn't really care to be on his tummy, he has little motivation to do that. He also loves to make noises with his mouth (raspberries!) and is very vocal. At home his favorite toys are the exersaucer (he works each of the toys like a pro...and knows how to make the music come on!), his new play tunnel, the ring stand with the donuts and some play trucks. He also loves his "keyboard" (a V-smile Baby that hooks up to the stand-alone mode the keyboard part has big buttons and makes noises on it's own.). Anything with a sound makes him laugh!

And last, but certainly not least, he's been a champion sleeper, still getting up maybe once a night (around 5am) to be breastfed. He goes to bed around 8pm, and sleeps pretty soundly (when he isn't coughing...that would wake anyone up!). He has been great at eating his solid foods too! He loves fruits, especially, and has already ventured into eating pears, apples, prunes, bananas, and mixed berries. Peas, sweet potatos and carrots are OK, but he much prefers the fruits. He's also started trying to feed himself little cereal puffs too.

Definitely growing up fast! Happy half-birthday little man!!!

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January 05, 2009

2008 - A Year of Facebook Entries

Happy New Year! Just because I really AM this lame, not to mention a little bored and procrastinating household chores, I thought I'd put together all of my "what are you doing" facebook entries for 2008. As sort of a remembrance.

1/1/2008: Amy has stopped puking for now...woohoo! 3:36pm
1/8/2008: Amy is contimplating dinner. 7:25pm
1/10/2008: Amy is waiting for her pizza to be delivered...where are you pizza!!! 8:21pm
1/15/2008: Amy got to hear junior's heartbeat....yay! 4:17pm
1/23/2008: Amy is fighting off a cold. 2:07pm
1/31/2008: Amy is tired from teaching all dang day. 4:41pm

2/4/2008: Amy is seriously procrastinating. 9:55pm
2/7/2008: Amy is off to watch Smallville and Lost. 11:00pm
2/8/2008: Amy is doing something close to nothing. 8:40pm
2/9/2008: Amy just got back from shopping at Babies R Us! 4:05pm
2/10/2008: Amy is done with her stuff for class! 11:00pm
2/15/2008: Amy wonders if that's junior kickin her insides. 3:28pm
2/19/2008: Amy is losing weight??? 2:48pm
2/25/2008: Amy is grading lab reports. 1:43pm

3/2/2008: Amy is eating Gobstoppers...yum...sugar... 2:33pm
3/8/2008: Amy is having her bladder used as a punching bag. 6:34pm
3/10/2008: Amy is wanting to play Sims 2: Free Time. 1:28pm
3/26/2008: Amy is still grading lab reports. 11:31pm
3/30/2008: Amy is wondering whether her head is screwed on straight. 10:21pm

4/4/2008: Amy is guess what...grading more lab reports! 9:34pm
4/14/2008: Amy is wishing the lab reports would grade themselves. 4:15pm
4/18/2008: Amy is now in her 3rd trimester...yay! 4:05pm
4/25/2008: Amy is having a baby kick her in the ribs. 4:16pm
4/27/2008: Amy is shakin from all the darn earthquakes! 1:20pm

5/4/2008: Amy is back from watching Iron Man. 4:46pm
5/7/2008: Amy is allllllllmost done with grading for the semester!!! 4:28pm
5/15/2008: Amy is sleepy. 9:39am
5/23/2008: Amy is happy about her interview with Charles River! 12:08pm
5/30/2008: Amy is wanting to take a nap...sleepy Amy... 2:12pm

6/5/2008: Amy is in a whiny-complaining-angry-assed mood! 12:45pm
6/16/2008: Amy is sneezing more than usual today. 9:03am
6/19/2008: Amy now has a Wii...yay! 9:01am
6/27/2008: Amy is 4cm...100% effaced...woohoo! 12:56pm

7/2/2008: Amy is now a ticking timebomb...6cm, 100% effaced! 2:45pm
7/5/2008: Amy is jumping up and down trying to get this baby out! 3:10pm
7/8/2008: Amy is going to be a mom tomorrow! 2:09pm
7/10/2008: Amy has a new baby BOY! Daniel William Stone, July 9th, 4:55am! 9:35am
7/18/2008: Amy is's kind of disturbing! 11:01pm
7/20/2008: Amy is excited to introduce Daniel to her parents today! 8:11pm
7/28/2008: Amy is home alone with Daniel today. 8:41am
7/30/2008: Amy is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Daniel's other grandparents tomorrow! 1:59pm

8/25/2008: Amy is back from her trip to Montana. 6:27pm

9/7/2008: Amy is awake way too early for a Sunday. 9:24am
9/8/2008: Amy is taking Daniel to the pediatrician today...just a checkup! 9:01am
9/12/2008: Amy is worried about the hurricane headed right for her sister in Houston! 6:45pm
9/15/2008: Amy is glad her sister and family are all safe n sound! 9:21am
9/16/2008: Amy is making plans to go to Phoenix for Christmas! Yay! 10:15pm
9/26/2008: Amy is hoping Daniel doesn't need to be admitted to the hospital... 4:56pm

10/1/2008: Amy is VERY glad Daniel's ultrasound turned out normal! 3:14pm
10/12/2008: Amy is wishing the weekend didn't have to be over so quickly! 6:51pm
10/18/2008: Amy is passing along her resistant form of Group B Strep goodness to her offspring. 11:22am
10/28/2008: Amy is off to teach lab... 2:57pm

11/3/2008: Amy is amazed...Daniel slept thru the night last night! Hoping it's not a fluke!!! 9:35am
11/4/2008: Amy is teaching lab and watching electrion results...yay! 9:00pm
11/7/2008: Amy is awaiting the results of Daniel's VCUG/reflux test. 8:41am
11/12/2008: Amy is totally hammered with things to grade and paperwork to take care of. 10:28am
11/20/2008: Amy is cleaning in prep for grandparents coming from Montana! 9:21am
11/21/2008: Amy is a bit peeved that a lecture instructor changed the time of her lab at the last minute... 1:03pm

12/10/2008: Amy is despirately trying to get the grades for her classes done...eep! 10:35am
12/10/2008: Amy is going to Babies R US now :). 4:05pm
12/13/2008: Amy is admiring the snow from inside her nice warm house. 4:19pm
12/15/2008: Amy is addicted to that damned biggest brain game. 11:44am
12/16/2008: Amy has a cyborg brain! Muahahaha! 1:56pm
12/17/2008: Amy is getting ready for her trip to Phoenix this weekend!!! 9:24am
12/19/2008: Amy is going to Daniel's Christmas party at daycare :). 10:18am
12/20/2008: Amy is REALLY needing to stop playing around on Facebook and finish packing! 10:31pm
12/23/2008: Amy is getting back from taking Daniel to see Santa...and watching women fight in 1:20pm
12/27/2008: Amy just got back from taking Daniel to Desert Breeze park to ride the train. 5:57pm
12/28/2008: Amy is packing up ready to head back to Reno :(.
12/29/2008: Amy is back home...proud of Daniel for behaving and sleeping through most of the flight back :). 12:00am
12/31/2008: Amy is a bad monkey...dropped Daniel at daycare and is going to take a NAP now! 9:56am

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