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Daniel is 6 months today!
2008 - A Year of Facebook Entries
When Kids Worry Their Parents!
Everything Changes When...
2 Months Already!
Daniel is 1 month old!
Daniel William has arrived!
Ticking Timebomb...Where Are You Baby?
Second Anniversary and Baby Progress!
Hitting the 30 week mark!
Movin' Along...Hello 3rd Trimester!
Ultrasounds Galore! (25w5d...100 days to go!)
Halfway Mark! (20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!)
Heartbeat and Kicks (18w4d...150 days to go!)
Hitting the 16 Week Mark
Happy New Year! (11w3d...200 days to go!)
Baby on Board!
One Year, One Month, One Day
Return from Maui
I'm a Doctor...NOT a Secretary!
Maui at Last!
30th Birthday
Valentine's Day...the Day Before
Weekend in Las Vegas
Elections and Celebrity Gossip
Alien Babies
The New Car
One Month Anniversary, Missing Pictures, Clerks 2 and Other Stuff
The Ticker!
Random Wedding Related Things...Still
The Wedding Invite
Countdown to the Wedding!
Argh...Weight Gain Sucks!
Crossing off Things on the To-Do List
2005-A Year in Review
Hannah Jo is Here!
Buying a House
And in the Last Few Months I...
Hot August Nights
Country Music
I Woke Up This Morning...
T-minus...and Counting!
My Boss Is Leaving
Amy and Mike's trip to the Magic Kingdom
Thoughts on turning 28
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Wildflowers and Freeway Driving
Where's Amy Been?
Mesothelioma and Other Fun Cancer
Feeling Sorry for Myself
My Seven Years
Southwest Airlines - Good, Good and more Good
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Merry Grinchmas and a Happy Who Year
Beginning of an Era...The Big Move
End of an Era...My Last Trip to Bozeman
Moving to Reno
The Weather
President John Kerry
Dreaming of the Sims...2
Invisible Diet Coke
The Rest of the Trip
The Villiage...Idiot
Happy Birthday to Mike!
All Clouds Come from Yellowstone
Another Case of the Sickies
Harry Potter and Too Many Previews
Quizilla Time Again
Time Distortions
Happy Birthday to Me!
Mountain Dew Points
Everlasting Gobstoppers
New bed and mischieveous kitties
Buh-bye dialup modem!
Survivor and Things
New Computer!
Thanksgiving and Things
Average Joe
Words I don't like
Army Men!
Big Sigh
Dangers of Walmart
Cwazy Cats
Warm Rain
Soaking Wet
Erm yeah...virtual model... I'm a 3rd year now!)
Alexa's Big Night Out
Today's Yuckies
Feeling Weird
Civ 3:PTW
Sweet Tooth
Oh where oh where did my little blog go?
Air Conditioning
And the rain rain rain came down down down...
New Style of Journal
Monsoon Wedding
Oh my kidneys...
Holy Minisymposium!
The jerkstore called...they're all out of you...
The Great Kitty Rescue
The great cat chase
Saturday Shopping
Today being Friday
My first entry...
Baby on Board!
Exciting News and Stuff
Odds n Ends
Rantings and Such
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