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May 15, 2008

Hitting the 30 week mark!

Well, time flies quickly as usual and I have to stop every once in a while to make sure I have the date correct! Sooooo...where to begin!

Between now and last entry, we were going through a spell of earthquakes in the area! Not big ones, but definitely enough to shake the walls. They were centered closer to the California state line (which for the geographically impaired, is less than 15 miles from here). The "first" one was a little tremor like thing, and I always manage to confuse it with the cats acting up and shaking things around.

Later the following evening, I'd dozed off watching Stargate (the movie) and Mike had just gone downstairs to get another DVD to bring back upstairs to watch when I got jolted awake, and in my half-conscious state yelled "Mike....it's SHAKING!" to him downstairs. That one was the biggest. And the next night around 3 or 4am, another one woke us up, to which my response was "uh oh" and we both just sat through it and tried to go back to sleep. It starts to get weird when you get "used" to them a little bit.

OK...enough about the earth shaking. Had yet another doctor's appointment, and between that one and the previous, I'd had a glucose tolerance screening. I hadn't heard the results, so I figured no news was good news! Well...not so much. I go to the doctor and he asks whether they'd called, and I replied no, so he pulls up the results and mentions that they SHOULD have. Coz I'd failed the 1 hour! They want it to be below 140, and I was 161....whee! So it didn't mean that I was diabetic quite yet, just that I'd earned myself a 3 hour test. And honestly, I never want to do that 3 hour test again! It is boring as hell, and my arms were hurting from being stabbed so many times in one place. I usually don't care about having to go have a blood test, but this one just really bothered me! Anyway, two days later, I get a call saying I passed! No GD for me! So I can go on eating my Skittles and carbs. I didn't ask what the numbers were, but I'm sure I'll find out at the next doctor's appointment. If anything, I have a suspicion I might not have passed the 1st one (the "blank" fasting one), since my fasting glucose levels have been high for the past year or so. The other ones I was probably not high enough for their criteria :)

So that appointment was at just over 29 and 1/2 weeks...which means now I'm past the 30 week mark (and 3/4 of the way there! Yay!). The end of this week will be 31 weeks...so only 9 more to go! Everything else at that appointment went OK, and now I get to start going to the doctor every TWO weeks. No idea how much weight I gained, since I was sort of sleepy at that appointment, but I assume (which, my assumptions haven't been exactly spot on!) I gained at least a couple pounds finally!

Next on the agenda is the childbirth classes that we started next week. We've already gone to two, and last night we got to tour the labor and delivery at the hospital. It's nice to see where junior will be born! It looks nice (has nice rooms and all!) and not TOO big that everyone there is running around all busy, or the baby won't be born in a hallway because it's super crowded or something. Hopefully.

And also with that, we've been picking up the pace on setting things up for that 3rd little person to be living in our house! Carseat...check...in the car. Pack n Play...check...all ready for traveling now! Crib was delivered last Thursday, and we put it together on Friday, picked up the mattress and some bedding on Saturday. So aside from having to do some painting and rearranging of the room a little bit, we should be set to go! Junior's got some little pants and hats already, and I might go pick up some matching shirts/onesies today after class. They're all yellow/green for the moment, of course :) Diapers we have a plenty too. And the only other "big" thing is the stroller that goes with the carseat.

Well that about covers it! At least for the moment...I'm sure things will REALLY start to pick up here soon, and then slow down in the days waiting around for the baby to arrive!

Posted by Amy Coon at May 15, 2008 10:15 AM


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