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June 26, 2008

Second Anniversary and Baby Progress!

I know this is 2 days late and all...but our 2nd anniversary was on Tuesday...YAY! I'm actually somewhat surprised that I'm taking the time to do a blog entry right now, with things being the way they are...but it's been a while, so I'm due!

Our anniversary was great, nice and low-key. Went out to dinner, and had more baby-on-the-brain than anything else! I didn't have to work that evening, so I was pretty happy about that. And I hate to not give the 2nd anniversary the celebration or attention it deserves, but there's so much more on the brain!

Which brings me to the baby news once again. Since I "passed" the 3-hour glucose screen, it has since resurfaced, albeit in a kinder, gentler form. Technically, I DID pass the test (so I don't have "gestational diabetes", but the next time I went to see the doctor, I found out that I didn't pass the fasting one, and just slid in under the cut-off for passing on the other 3...apparently it takes failing 2 or more on the 3 hour test to confirm diagnosis). But, I failed the one that counted the most, potentially, and the doctor was worried about the baby being exposed to that high of blood sugar levels over night. So off to the dietitian I go! A few adjustments to the diet, and 4 finger pricks a day...voila! I could really do without the finger poking and blood sugar testing that often, since it's harder than one would think to do it when you're supposed to. And especially with my funny work/eating schedule. The take-home message that I got was to be sure to balance the carbs with some protein, and that seems to be doing the trick. I've gained a little bit of weight, since things with more protein also tend to have more fat/calories in them, too. White bread....bad. Cereal...bad.

Next order of business...childbirth classes, which I may have mentioned that we started taking, and have since finished! So we're all ready for that, have the hospital tour done, hospital pre-registration paperwork in hand and all that. All that is left is finding a pediatrician...which I've been slacking on.

And then the doctors appointment today. Doctor is away on vacation this week, and it wasn't like I was really fearing going into labor while he was gone, but the way luck has been working for me sometimes, who knows! Anyway, saw the nurse practitioner who did the child birth class (got the group-B strep test done...yeeayyy), and she checked to see how far dilated I was...4cm! Almost 100% effaced too! And here I was hoping for maybe 2cm at best! So I left the office with a cheesy grin on my face (knowing full well that I could stay at 4cm for a while...but still, pretty damned happy) AND a note excusing me from work for until the baby comes (granted, my last day was supposed to be today, and I got suckered into working Sunday...but I can get out of that now! Yay!)

I'm so excited that things are getting so close now! I don't think I'd be disappointed if I had one more doctor's appointment before this kid decides to show up! Even if it is just a teensy bit early!

Posted by Amy Coon at June 26, 2008 11:56 AM


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