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July 05, 2008

Ticking Timebomb...Where Are You Baby?

Well, as a follow-up to the last entry and last doctor's appointment, I obviously made it to the following appointment just fine without giving birth yet (duh...that would be bigger news than this!). So Wednesday was the appointment, and with Mike in tow, we headed to the office, got in pretty quickly, I really forget whether I gained wait or not, but blood pressure and all of that are all still fine. I'm given the choice of whether I want to be "checked" or not, and honestly, no one in their right mind WANTS to be checked, but my horrible horrible curiosity about how far things might or might not have progressed was killing me. Killing me to the point of being able to suck down every little bit of modesty I might have had just to do it.

So before we get to that, in cheerier news, the Group B Strep test came back positive, which, for some reason didn't really shock me. I was amazingly surprised that my reaction was pretty unphased by it. Maybe because I've heard so much about it before, or maybe because I'm a biologist, or who knows. Just not so worried, and no big deal since all that ends up happening is that they shove some antibiotics into my IV. I suppose if I was dead set against receiving alot of medical care (i.e., if I wanted to deliver at home, or with a midwife, without drugs or IV's or monitoring, etc) then I'd be more upset. But that's not the case for me...bring on the IV's, monitors, pain medication and any other medical intervention deemed necessary.

OK, so after that, the moment of truth. SIX centimeters! In the span of less than a week, I'd gone from 4 to 6. I was a little bit apprehensive about two different opinions of two different people (I mean, 3cm to one person might be close to 5 for another? Maybe?). And my worst fear of disappointment was if the doctor came back and said, nah, the nurse practitioner was exaggerating, and you're really just about 2cm, you never were 4. HA! Well, I have another office appointment for Tuesday, but he's not thinking I'll make it to that one! So good news all around, in that with any luck Junior will make their entrance SOON. I wait for any sign of "real" contractions or water breaking or just about anything. But as soon as my hopes for something big to happen or the start of something to happen, it magically goes away.

I suppose on the positive side, we DID get the room painted and we're just finishing up putting the furniture in the baby's room into the proper places (translation: Mike is moving around the furniture...I'd seriously hurt myself if I attempted to help). So that is one less thing to worry about having ready for when we have to bolt for the hospital. The other thing is that we collected a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff from Mike's friend Maurice and his wife Jennifer, who have a ton of foster kids, and have since decided on NO MORE BABIES there (the little boy they are adopting is over a year old now, and he'll be the last baby there!) so we got a swing, a mobile, a bouncer, and a bunch of other things (in exchange for Mike helping to move their pool/trampoline...somehow I'm getting off easy on this physical labor stuff).

And now the wait continues...anytime....come on...it's a good day to come out!

Posted by Amy Coon at July 5, 2008 02:40 PM


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