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August 09, 2008

Daniel is 1 month old!

Apparently I've been a bad mommy, or time has flown by so quickly that I just haven't gotten around to doing another entry. In any case, Daniel is 1 month old today!

In the biggest news, he had his very first bath today in his little tub! He didn't fuss or cry at all, and seemed to really enjoy the bubbles and the nice warm water he was sitting in. It also seemed to calm him down alot (although he did scream like a madman when I was putting him into his pajamas for the night) and he quickly dozed off. We're looking forward to more baths now!!!

The past month has been pretty busy, despite having flown by so quickly. At last entry, we were out of the hospital (after the whole jaundice thing) and back to being at home. My parents arrived on Sunday the 20th and got to spend some quality time here and occasionally letting me rest. Mike went back to work on the 21st, which was fine except for him having to do so with being woken up in the middle of the night (I took over most of the nighttime duties, but still...Daniel cries like a madman when he's hungry!).

After my parents left, we regrouped, and awaited the arrival of Mike's parents on the 31st of July. More quality grandparent/grandchild time, and me and Mike also got to go out for a while, sans little one, to see the Batman movie.

In other happenings, the whole post-partum thing has really been kicking my butt...as I'm sure Mike can attest to. There's way too many things going on to even go into detail, everything from strange bleeding, to rashes all over my body, to having my intestines backed up. It's not been terribly fun, but it isn't anything terribly major either.

And lastly, in the "other happenings" category, Daniel will be officially set to go to daycare starting on the 25th of August! We went for the tour of the Child Garden at IGT, and are pretty happy he will be there! It is also a huge relief to know where he'll be and that he HAS a place to go while both of us are working.

Which brings us to today...Mike's parents left this morning, and we are once again left to regroup, until we are off to do something again that will play with our schedule!

Posted by Amy Coon at August 9, 2008 11:01 PM


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