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October 01, 2008

When Kids Worry Their Parents!

Daniel is 12 weeks old today (time really does fly!) and he's already sent us into a flurry of worry in those short weeks. It's hard to NOT thinking that the things that were wrong with him were my/our fault (in some small way...not to get all depressing about it).

So as some people know, when Daniel was 3 days old, he was readmitted to the hospital for jaundice. Not a huge deal, it happens to alot of babies, but it's easy to think what could have gone wrong in utero (something I did?) that made him jaundiced like that. He was in the hospital for an extra 3 days, and it was kind of upsetting to watch him get his blood drawn multiple times per day. Not a good thing to put a hormonal new mom through.

Everything was pretty smooth after that. He checked out just fine at his 2 week appointment, and at his 2 month appointment he was pretty good too, aside from managing to inherit the eczema from his daddy, which makes his little head/shoulders/knees all rashy. He survived his shots (which weren't nearly as traumatic as one might expect).


I don't know what happened exactly, but one Saturday morning I was changing his diaper, and noticed a spot of blood. It was just a spot, and I asked Mike if he also thought it was blood (he did) and we decided to watch it. No more blood for a few days. UNTIL...the daycare calls one morning and mentions blood in his diaper again. They saved the diaper for us, but one of the ladies there mentioned that her son had that happen, and it wasn't a big concern. But we were going to call the pediatrician just in case. No more blood for the next few diapers, and then last Thursday, blood again! That time it was more than it had been (which...it still wasn't a HUGE amount, but it was enough to be noticeable). So we called on Friday, and they had us come in to check him out. They catheterized him (poor little guy!) to get a urine sample, and found red blood cells in his urine, but it didn't technically test positive for a urinary tract infection. They sent the sample off to the lab, and had his blood drawn. Blood was ok (so if there was an infection, it wasn't systemic), and waited for the urine culture to grow.

Come Monday morning the results came, and his urine grew two things. One of which was Group B Strep. I had tested positive for it before delivering him, which is the probable source of his infection. Goodie. So now he's on antibiotics to clear up that infection, they've done an ultrasound to rule out other possible causes (which was thankfully negative, much to our relief!) and he now is looking a bit better (which could be just our imagination, or it could be the antibiotics working!).

I'm just glad he didn't have to be readmitted to the hospital. That would have really played havoc on me and Mike.

Posted by Amy Coon at October 1, 2008 03:39 PM


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