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January 09, 2009

Daniel is 6 months today!

It's hard to believe that our little guy is already 6 months old! He's changed so much in the past 6 months (and in the past year for that matter...hehehe...).

He's been doing remarkably well recently, aside from having a persistent cold that he's dealt with as best he can. Since his birth, he's been in the hospital twice (including his birth, I should say!), had a urinary tract infection caused by Group B Strep (that I passed on to him during delivery...eep!), had several tests on his kidneys and urinary tract and all of that good stuff. Luckily he's been a good sport and hardly complained!

In other non-medical things, in his 6 months he's taken two airplane trips (one to Montana, one to Arizona), visited a total of 5 states (Nevada, California, Utah, Montana and Arizona), attended a couple of football games, and taken a few short car trips. He's becoming quite the traveler!

Daniel has been going to daycare at Mike's work since he was about 6 weeks old. He loves to interact with all of the kids there and the ladies there love him too! They say how he loves to cuddle and hardly fusses at all (we wonder if they have the right baby??? :) ). At daycare these days he still loves to be in his swing, but also has ventured out into sitting in the Bumbo seat and playing in the jumper. He notices alot of the toys, and loves to look at himself in the big mirror! Just recently he started being able to sit up on his own (although he can't sit himself up, and he does flop over from time to time, so we have to watch him!)! At Christmas time, he was still practicing trying to roll over, but since he doesn't really care to be on his tummy, he has little motivation to do that. He also loves to make noises with his mouth (raspberries!) and is very vocal. At home his favorite toys are the exersaucer (he works each of the toys like a pro...and knows how to make the music come on!), his new play tunnel, the ring stand with the donuts and some play trucks. He also loves his "keyboard" (a V-smile Baby that hooks up to the stand-alone mode the keyboard part has big buttons and makes noises on it's own.). Anything with a sound makes him laugh!

And last, but certainly not least, he's been a champion sleeper, still getting up maybe once a night (around 5am) to be breastfed. He goes to bed around 8pm, and sleeps pretty soundly (when he isn't coughing...that would wake anyone up!). He has been great at eating his solid foods too! He loves fruits, especially, and has already ventured into eating pears, apples, prunes, bananas, and mixed berries. Peas, sweet potatos and carrots are OK, but he much prefers the fruits. He's also started trying to feed himself little cereal puffs too.

Definitely growing up fast! Happy half-birthday little man!!!

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October 01, 2008

When Kids Worry Their Parents!

Daniel is 12 weeks old today (time really does fly!) and he's already sent us into a flurry of worry in those short weeks. It's hard to NOT thinking that the things that were wrong with him were my/our fault (in some small way...not to get all depressing about it).

So as some people know, when Daniel was 3 days old, he was readmitted to the hospital for jaundice. Not a huge deal, it happens to alot of babies, but it's easy to think what could have gone wrong in utero (something I did?) that made him jaundiced like that. He was in the hospital for an extra 3 days, and it was kind of upsetting to watch him get his blood drawn multiple times per day. Not a good thing to put a hormonal new mom through.

Everything was pretty smooth after that. He checked out just fine at his 2 week appointment, and at his 2 month appointment he was pretty good too, aside from managing to inherit the eczema from his daddy, which makes his little head/shoulders/knees all rashy. He survived his shots (which weren't nearly as traumatic as one might expect).


I don't know what happened exactly, but one Saturday morning I was changing his diaper, and noticed a spot of blood. It was just a spot, and I asked Mike if he also thought it was blood (he did) and we decided to watch it. No more blood for a few days. UNTIL...the daycare calls one morning and mentions blood in his diaper again. They saved the diaper for us, but one of the ladies there mentioned that her son had that happen, and it wasn't a big concern. But we were going to call the pediatrician just in case. No more blood for the next few diapers, and then last Thursday, blood again! That time it was more than it had been ( still wasn't a HUGE amount, but it was enough to be noticeable). So we called on Friday, and they had us come in to check him out. They catheterized him (poor little guy!) to get a urine sample, and found red blood cells in his urine, but it didn't technically test positive for a urinary tract infection. They sent the sample off to the lab, and had his blood drawn. Blood was ok (so if there was an infection, it wasn't systemic), and waited for the urine culture to grow.

Come Monday morning the results came, and his urine grew two things. One of which was Group B Strep. I had tested positive for it before delivering him, which is the probable source of his infection. Goodie. So now he's on antibiotics to clear up that infection, they've done an ultrasound to rule out other possible causes (which was thankfully negative, much to our relief!) and he now is looking a bit better (which could be just our imagination, or it could be the antibiotics working!).

I'm just glad he didn't have to be readmitted to the hospital. That would have really played havoc on me and Mike.

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September 20, 2008

Everything Changes When...

I know it sounds so cliche, but everything changes when you have a baby. I guess I'm not really talking so much about the obvious sorts of things, like how you are suddenly responsible for another person, you can't quite as easily up and leave to go out and do something, and the huge interruption to your usual eating and sleeping habits. I don't think anyone can really describe or have an idea what it is like until actually experiencing it.

In any case, I'm referring to changes in my way of thinking. Before Daniel was born, I had though long and hard about the type of parent I might be. Mike and I talked about the way we'd do things, and had agreements on alot of things, from who would get up at night, to where the baby would sleep, to who we'd let get near the baby, and to how we'd deal with particular situations as they arose when the baby got older. So far, we've managed to break so many rules!

The first rule I decided was that the baby would be sleeping in his own room from the start, just so he wouldn't have a chance to get into the habit of sleeping with us. We had the pack-n-play on standby if he was having a particularly rough night and for travel, but we had NO idea we'd be using that as his bed! The first time Daniel came home (for ONE night) we set up the pack-n-play right next to our bed so that we could keep tabs on him while he was under the bili-blanket. It ended up being best anyway since he kept us up all night long anyway, and that first night I was having paranoid thoughts of something bad happening to him (which is another issue of mine all together). I also kept saying that I'd sleep when the baby slept, but I broke that rule so many times, and I kicked my own butt for doing that, looking back on it now.

Which brings me to the second point. Before Daniel arrived, I was very determined to have some time for Mike and I to "figure things out" for ourselves. I was certain that I wanted a few days to ourselves before company arrived to get a chance to learn all of the basics, and wasn't having anyone (however well meaning) jumping in and offering their opinion as to how we should do those things. When Daniel had to go back to the hospital for a few days after we'd been home for only one night, I started to crack a little, and start to wish for a little sleep and someone to just take over some of the basic baby duties. Luckily, in the hospital that 2nd time, I was able to rest for the first time in several days (I was forced to almost...since I wasn't at home and didn't have the typical distractions of home), including being able to sleep for longer than a 4 hour stretch (thanks to the nurses in pediatrics), and bump my total sleep time for the past week into the double digits.

I am such a control freak that when my parents arrived, it was difficult for me to just let go and to have them do what they do and take care of things. Looking back on it, even when Mike's parents were here, I didn't take advantage of their offers of help fully, and I could have used that time to recover. No...instead I didn't relax, probably wore myself out even more a good portion of the time, and once again, I know now what I'd do differently the next time(s) around. I really did need to take it easy, since I think that is maybe why I kept having resurgences of post-partum bleeding for weeks on end. It wasn't until our trip to Montana that I actually got a chance to rest, and got to take Mike's parents up on their offers of help when I was desperate for sleep in the mornings.

The next thing, although somewhat minor, is that I never thought I'd have the feelings that I do about breastfeeding. I went in thinking that, of course, I'd give breastfeeding a shot, and I wanted to make a go of things for at least the minimum amount of time because of cost savings over formula, and the health benefits. If I couldn't, I couldn't. That's why they have formula. I figured at the very least, I'd be able to give the baby SOME. I'd watched all sorts of baby shows and saw how depressed and upset women got when they couldn't breastfeed, so I not only knew it wasn't EASY, but I made up my mind not to take it personally if it didn't come quite so naturally and without difficulty. So when Daniel was having a rough time of things when it came to breastfeeding in the first week or two, I actually had a pretty good sense of humor about it, and I did give things a try, but had the formula bottle there to calm him down if he got too agitated with nursing. Eventually, he got it! And then I wasn't producing.

Enter Reglan. I started taking that after I asked for it at my 6-week post-partum doctor's appointment. And I wish I hadn't been so hesitant to ask about it to begin with! I suddenly went from the mindset that I'd be lucky to get one bottle a day, to say nothing about ever satisfying him for an entire meal off my boobs, to finding out how handy breastfeeding is at night! If only I could have gotten the breastfeeding down (and had the supply) when I was still at home doing the maternity leave thing, I would have been able to make it through the nights a little easier, since I wouldn't have to deal with screaming hungry baby while trying to forge my way downstairs to the kitchen to get him a bottle (and all this while trying to prepare said bottle one handed while holding said screaming baby). Boobs are awesome.

Lastly, I think I've broken my rule of thinking that if I wait long enough, I'll just get over it. I waited for post-partum depression to go away on it's own, and it didn't. I waited for that horrible post-partum bleeding to stop, but I bled bright red for 8 or 9 weeks! I had a problem with the pipes getting clogged up (*cough* constipation) and thought it'd go away, but it didn't! So instead when I wait things out, I end up desperately calling doctor's offices, going to urgent care, etc. That's not to say that I always waited them out, but I did prolong my suffering because I was either in denial about it, or thought I was BOTHERING doctors/nurses.

So the biggest thing that changed...that was definitely my brain :)

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September 10, 2008

2 Months Already!

Daniel has hit the 2 month mark as of yesterday! In the time since the last blog entry, it seems like he's been here for longer than just two months! On Monday, he had his 2 month checkup and some shots. Weighing in at 11lbs, 3oz, he's growing well and already hitting alot of the milestones that he should. The shots threw him for a loop for the rest of the day, as he didn't really want to eat or do much of anything else afterwards. But the next day he was as good as new and quite a happy baby once again!

In other news, Daniel is also enjoying going to daycare, the latest development since the last entry too. The ladies taking care of him there like to carry him around and right now he's the youngest one there (although not for long!). He also likes the swing there and looking up at some of the toys that have lights on them. After we picked him up from daycare the other day, we caught him staring at the mirror in the car and laughing and smiling. He loves his bath time, when we give him a bath a couple of times a week. He's just getting to be alot of fun!

We took a trip to Montana when Daniel was exactly 6 weeks old as well. He flew pretty good on the plane, aside from a few bursts of crying. He seemed like he really enjoyed Montana and all of Mike's extended family got to meet him as well. Hopefully we'll be going back soon...and also making a trip to Phoenix here in the future!

And last but not least, along with Daniel going to daycare, I've returned to work teaching at the university and at the community college. Classes are in full swing and we've adjusted pretty well to the odd schedule that takes on. Hopefully I won't wait another whole month before blogging again!

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August 09, 2008

Daniel is 1 month old!

Apparently I've been a bad mommy, or time has flown by so quickly that I just haven't gotten around to doing another entry. In any case, Daniel is 1 month old today!

In the biggest news, he had his very first bath today in his little tub! He didn't fuss or cry at all, and seemed to really enjoy the bubbles and the nice warm water he was sitting in. It also seemed to calm him down alot (although he did scream like a madman when I was putting him into his pajamas for the night) and he quickly dozed off. We're looking forward to more baths now!!!

The past month has been pretty busy, despite having flown by so quickly. At last entry, we were out of the hospital (after the whole jaundice thing) and back to being at home. My parents arrived on Sunday the 20th and got to spend some quality time here and occasionally letting me rest. Mike went back to work on the 21st, which was fine except for him having to do so with being woken up in the middle of the night (I took over most of the nighttime duties, but still...Daniel cries like a madman when he's hungry!).

After my parents left, we regrouped, and awaited the arrival of Mike's parents on the 31st of July. More quality grandparent/grandchild time, and me and Mike also got to go out for a while, sans little one, to see the Batman movie.

In other happenings, the whole post-partum thing has really been kicking my I'm sure Mike can attest to. There's way too many things going on to even go into detail, everything from strange bleeding, to rashes all over my body, to having my intestines backed up. It's not been terribly fun, but it isn't anything terribly major either.

And lastly, in the "other happenings" category, Daniel will be officially set to go to daycare starting on the 25th of August! We went for the tour of the Child Garden at IGT, and are pretty happy he will be there! It is also a huge relief to know where he'll be and that he HAS a place to go while both of us are working.

Which brings us to today...Mike's parents left this morning, and we are once again left to regroup, until we are off to do something again that will play with our schedule!

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July 18, 2008

Daniel William has arrived!

It took me long enough to do a post here, but I shall officially announce the birth of our son, Daniel William Stone. He was born on July 9th, 2008, at 4:55a.m. at Saint Mary's hospital here in Reno! The other vitals are he was 8lbs, 8oz - 21 inches long. He was born at 38 weeks, 4 days gestation...which doesn't mean a whole lot, other than he was nice n cooked and perfectly fine to come out!

The short version of the story about his entrance into the world is that my water broke just before 9pm the night before. This is after I'd been walking around for over a week dilated to 6cm, and was at 4cm the week before. We got to the hospital just before 10pm, and they got me quickly hooked up to everything (wasn't feeling many, if any contractions, really!). Sat around, and just before 3am, they checked and said I was almost ready to try pushing! So about 3am the pushing commenced, and 2 hours later, Daniel popped out!

We spent a couple of nights at the hospital doing the recovery thing. Friday morning we were getting ready to be discharged, and the hospital staff (doctor/nurses/etc) noticed that he was getting a little jaundiced. And it was quite obvious that he was alot more yellow than he started off! We were sent home with a "bili blanket" which is supposed to do about the same thing as putting them under the photolights. So we got to spend one night at home, and had to take Daniel back to the lab to get his biliruben levels tested in the morning. Well...his levels went up, so off to the hospital we went! We stayed another 2 nights in pediatrics with Daniel in the "tank" and returned home on Monday!

Since then, we've gotten our "normal" (translation: pre-baby!) schedule all screwed around, which was definitely to be expected. But he's a great baby, and soooooo cute! Then again, I'm partial :)

So with's the link to his massive gallery of pictures. And a few of the pictures here for good measure (one of him and me just a little bit after he was born...and one today...he's changed alot in a week and a half already!)

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July 05, 2008

Ticking Timebomb...Where Are You Baby?

Well, as a follow-up to the last entry and last doctor's appointment, I obviously made it to the following appointment just fine without giving birth yet (duh...that would be bigger news than this!). So Wednesday was the appointment, and with Mike in tow, we headed to the office, got in pretty quickly, I really forget whether I gained wait or not, but blood pressure and all of that are all still fine. I'm given the choice of whether I want to be "checked" or not, and honestly, no one in their right mind WANTS to be checked, but my horrible horrible curiosity about how far things might or might not have progressed was killing me. Killing me to the point of being able to suck down every little bit of modesty I might have had just to do it.

So before we get to that, in cheerier news, the Group B Strep test came back positive, which, for some reason didn't really shock me. I was amazingly surprised that my reaction was pretty unphased by it. Maybe because I've heard so much about it before, or maybe because I'm a biologist, or who knows. Just not so worried, and no big deal since all that ends up happening is that they shove some antibiotics into my IV. I suppose if I was dead set against receiving alot of medical care (i.e., if I wanted to deliver at home, or with a midwife, without drugs or IV's or monitoring, etc) then I'd be more upset. But that's not the case for me...bring on the IV's, monitors, pain medication and any other medical intervention deemed necessary.

OK, so after that, the moment of truth. SIX centimeters! In the span of less than a week, I'd gone from 4 to 6. I was a little bit apprehensive about two different opinions of two different people (I mean, 3cm to one person might be close to 5 for another? Maybe?). And my worst fear of disappointment was if the doctor came back and said, nah, the nurse practitioner was exaggerating, and you're really just about 2cm, you never were 4. HA! Well, I have another office appointment for Tuesday, but he's not thinking I'll make it to that one! So good news all around, in that with any luck Junior will make their entrance SOON. I wait for any sign of "real" contractions or water breaking or just about anything. But as soon as my hopes for something big to happen or the start of something to happen, it magically goes away.

I suppose on the positive side, we DID get the room painted and we're just finishing up putting the furniture in the baby's room into the proper places (translation: Mike is moving around the furniture...I'd seriously hurt myself if I attempted to help). So that is one less thing to worry about having ready for when we have to bolt for the hospital. The other thing is that we collected a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff from Mike's friend Maurice and his wife Jennifer, who have a ton of foster kids, and have since decided on NO MORE BABIES there (the little boy they are adopting is over a year old now, and he'll be the last baby there!) so we got a swing, a mobile, a bouncer, and a bunch of other things (in exchange for Mike helping to move their pool/trampoline...somehow I'm getting off easy on this physical labor stuff).

And now the wait continues...anytime....come's a good day to come out!

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May 15, 2008

Hitting the 30 week mark!

Well, time flies quickly as usual and I have to stop every once in a while to make sure I have the date correct! Sooooo...where to begin!

Between now and last entry, we were going through a spell of earthquakes in the area! Not big ones, but definitely enough to shake the walls. They were centered closer to the California state line (which for the geographically impaired, is less than 15 miles from here). The "first" one was a little tremor like thing, and I always manage to confuse it with the cats acting up and shaking things around.

Later the following evening, I'd dozed off watching Stargate (the movie) and Mike had just gone downstairs to get another DVD to bring back upstairs to watch when I got jolted awake, and in my half-conscious state yelled "'s SHAKING!" to him downstairs. That one was the biggest. And the next night around 3 or 4am, another one woke us up, to which my response was "uh oh" and we both just sat through it and tried to go back to sleep. It starts to get weird when you get "used" to them a little bit.

OK...enough about the earth shaking. Had yet another doctor's appointment, and between that one and the previous, I'd had a glucose tolerance screening. I hadn't heard the results, so I figured no news was good news! Well...not so much. I go to the doctor and he asks whether they'd called, and I replied no, so he pulls up the results and mentions that they SHOULD have. Coz I'd failed the 1 hour! They want it to be below 140, and I was 161....whee! So it didn't mean that I was diabetic quite yet, just that I'd earned myself a 3 hour test. And honestly, I never want to do that 3 hour test again! It is boring as hell, and my arms were hurting from being stabbed so many times in one place. I usually don't care about having to go have a blood test, but this one just really bothered me! Anyway, two days later, I get a call saying I passed! No GD for me! So I can go on eating my Skittles and carbs. I didn't ask what the numbers were, but I'm sure I'll find out at the next doctor's appointment. If anything, I have a suspicion I might not have passed the 1st one (the "blank" fasting one), since my fasting glucose levels have been high for the past year or so. The other ones I was probably not high enough for their criteria :)

So that appointment was at just over 29 and 1/2 weeks...which means now I'm past the 30 week mark (and 3/4 of the way there! Yay!). The end of this week will be 31 only 9 more to go! Everything else at that appointment went OK, and now I get to start going to the doctor every TWO weeks. No idea how much weight I gained, since I was sort of sleepy at that appointment, but I assume (which, my assumptions haven't been exactly spot on!) I gained at least a couple pounds finally!

Next on the agenda is the childbirth classes that we started next week. We've already gone to two, and last night we got to tour the labor and delivery at the hospital. It's nice to see where junior will be born! It looks nice (has nice rooms and all!) and not TOO big that everyone there is running around all busy, or the baby won't be born in a hallway because it's super crowded or something. Hopefully.

And also with that, we've been picking up the pace on setting things up for that 3rd little person to be living in our house! the car. Pack n Play...check...all ready for traveling now! Crib was delivered last Thursday, and we put it together on Friday, picked up the mattress and some bedding on Saturday. So aside from having to do some painting and rearranging of the room a little bit, we should be set to go! Junior's got some little pants and hats already, and I might go pick up some matching shirts/onesies today after class. They're all yellow/green for the moment, of course :) Diapers we have a plenty too. And the only other "big" thing is the stroller that goes with the carseat.

Well that about covers it! At least for the moment...I'm sure things will REALLY start to pick up here soon, and then slow down in the days waiting around for the baby to arrive!

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April 28, 2008

Movin' Along...Hello 3rd Trimester!

Despite the fact that I completely didn't post my usual "birthday" blog this year, it seems sort of typical of my general lacking-for-caring-about-anything-else mentality recently, unless it has to do with the baby. In years past, I've had it in my head for a few months in advance that I was fast approaching another digit added to my age. This year I failed to care :) All things said, my birthday was great, as I had the added bonuses of not having to work at ALL (no lab meeting, one of my shifts at the video store got traded/rescheduled) and Mike had his flex day too! So we got to go out to eat for lunch, have a nice relaxing afternoon, got to sleep in to start the day, etc etc. Great overall!

So with that, we are clearly in the 3rd and final trimester! 2nd trimester seemed to drag on and on, but now things seem to be picking up momentum, and there is an end in sight! At last doctor's appointment, we had the bonus of having another 3D ultrasound (another shot at junior's little mug!) and a good appointment overall (just a good feeling, and having the doctor inform me that I am still down 1lb overall for the entire pregnancy is spiffy too!). The next appointment is the last one before I'll start going every 2 weeks (wheeee!). So that is way spiffy!

The 27 week mark (3rd trimester) was on April 18th, and junior marks the occasion by moving around more and more like a little rat in a sack. Also exciting is that we bought the first of our "major" things, a Pack n Play, and had it delivered (a carseat is on the way as we speak!). Mike rearranged the room yesterday, and so it's getting more and more ready for a little one to occupy it!

Today is 28 weeks and 2 days, and the weeks keep coming! And well...that's about all for now...will have update on other things later!

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April 10, 2008

Ultrasounds Galore! (25w5d...100 days to go!)

Since last entry, we've had THREE...count them THREE more ultrasounds on "junior" (or "squeaks" as Mike's parents call him/her).

At just about 21 1/2 weeks, we went for the ultrasound at the doctor's office to check for all of the bits and pieces and make sure everything major was in place. It'd been nearly two months since the previous one, and ALOT has happened...of course! For one thing, the kid doesn't have nearly as much room as they did at 12 1/2 weeks, so not so much bouncing around off the sides. In fact, with that ultrasound, it was QUITE the opposite. Junior didn't budge. In fact, they were looking down at my spine, and so no 3D face shot, and it earned the kid another ultrasound at the next doctor's appointment (breaks my heart...can't ya tell?)

So while most people really are eager to find out the sex, we didn't, but I *did* want to see the kid's face in 3D. After that appointment, we decided to just make an outside appointment at one of the places that does "fun" ultrasounds, so we could get a 30 minute DVD and pretty much make sure we get some good 3D/4D stuff! At 24 weeks (pretty much exactly...according to the official dates at the doctor's office) we went to the fun ultrasound, and I encouraged Junior to move about by havin some orange juice and Skittles beforehand. And it worked! 30 minutes of fun and loads of pictures/video! That was $220 well spent!!!

And then on to the latest appointment today. Had to get those last measurements for the doctor, and lo and behold...we have a well positioned baby! And new 3D shots too! Doctor's appointment went well, and I haven't gained a single pound yet (in fact, I'm 1 lb down from the first appointment still!) so I'm happy about that! One more "monthly" appointment before I switch to having them more frequently (every 2 weeks, then every week). And one more test for me to take for the gestational diabetes.

(All of the baby's adorable little mug shots are here, with one of the best ones below)

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March 02, 2008

Halfway Mark! (20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go!)

Depending on whose dates you go by, we are past the halfway mark! Hopefully the next 20 weeks will go by quickly and smoothly! As far as anything really changing drastically since the last entry, the baby's kicks have gotten more and more frequent, and I can sort of "wake" them up and sometimes encourage it. Mike can feel some of the kicks (or at least knows when the baby is kicking, if I start laughing or scolding!). At least now, I'm fairly certain that the movement is the baby, and I know I say "kicks", but I really have no way of knowing. Sometimes it almost feels like a huge belly flop, or a rub across my insides, rather than a defined kick.

Well, other than that, we're starting to take a more serious look at what we can do for "junior's" room. Painting the shelves, decorating the walls, rearranging the furniture (moving nightstands out, turning around the queen bed in there). And we've started gathering up quite a supply of diapers, courtesy of the $5 off coupons from Babys R US!

That's about all for now!

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February 20, 2008

Heartbeat and Kicks (18w4d...150 days to go!)

Things seem to be picking up pace a little bit in the past month or so. Perhaps it's because I'm doing something more with my time during the day (*cough* working *cough*) rather than spending it at home. Anyway, classes and labs are in full swing now, so that's keeping me busy both at the university/community college and with all of the extra stuff at home.

But in the past week or two, the most excitement came from starting to feel a little something in my tummy. One of the first times it happened, I was in the shower, facing away from the water, and I turned up the temperature a little. When I turned belly facing the hot water, I had a whole series of little flutters go off in my belly. Felt quite different than when my stomach rumbles when I'm hungry, or when my intestines are doing their thing. So I didn't really think too much more about it since it happened that one isolated time. A few days later, sitting in the computer room, it happens again. And now the flutters are getting a little bit stronger, and seem to happen if there's something physical I'm doing to my belly (tight waist on pants, or shower, etc). One of these times I'm SURE to catch it, and confirm that it really is the kid!

So at last doctors appointment, I was a bit surprised that I was FOUR MORE pounds down. I've still got no belly to speak of, and all of my regular clothes are fitting me just fine, if not better than before. I'm sort of torn about this, since it seems like there should be a little something, but there's also part of me that is sneaky too, and likes the option of keeping things under wraps. The last appointment was pretty much the same as the one before, aside from my blood test results came back (except the CF one) and all is well with that. Got to hear the heartbeat once again, which is always reassuring. And finally...scheduling the appointment for the "big" ultrasound, as I keep hearing it referred. In theory, we COULD find out the sex, but we don't want to. But any ultrasound is exciting, and having one on the fully formed kid is really cool.

And the last marks the 2 year anniversary of my PhD defense...yay! It seems like it was alot longer ago than that, but I suppose time flies pretty fast these days!

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February 04, 2008

Hitting the 16 Week Mark

Time seems like it's going faster these days, as "junior" is already at 16 weeks and 2 days (or 3, according to the official size at the doctor). Since the last entry, a few things have happened! First, we went for the nuchal translucency scan/test to check and see if there was any indication that the baby had a trisomy (either 13, 18, or 21). I did a whole bunch of reading about it before deciding to go ahead with it, and we finally had it scheduled on January 9th, since it had to be done between 11 and 13 weeks. It was the first "belly" ultrasound I've had, and it was really alot of fun (for those who don't know about the "other" kind, don't ask...)! The baby was jumping all around and would hardly stay still! Neither Mike nor I had any idea that it moved around so much. We had a good 15 minutes or so of video that we got to take home to watch over and over and over again (which we have!)

The test results (the ultrasound, paired with a blood test of me) were all normal, so that was good. The following week was a regular doctor's appointment, which was pretty short and I went by myself. I got to hear the heartbeat and got weighed, pee'd in a cup, etc etc. So far so good.

And today I get to go for ANOTHER blood test to check for open spine defects and cystic fibrosis, among others. SO many tests...but it doesn't bother me, other than just having to do them. I guess it gives me something to do in the time that I'm waiting. And waiting I certainly am.

So I am officially and clearly out of the first trimester, and well-rooted into the second. I thought near the end of the first trimester that the whole morning sickness thing was going away. I was no longer nauseous (the all the time, stomach doesn't feel good stuff), and I hadn't thrown up for a while. Wellllll...I came down with a cold. Just a headcold, but what makes it worse is that I can't take anything! And a few days before I started coming down with it, I caught a whiff of something quite unfavorable, which set off the gagging, and went into full blown throwing up again. And so, I haven't stopped throwing up. Yay.

The other thing that is mildly perplexing (although I'm not really complaining about it, I'm just finding it amusing) is that I have yet to gain any weight. I'm actually about 5 lbs down from the pre-pregnancy weight (which I was trying to lose some weight anyway...I'm a bit on the fluffy side these days). As far as the doctor knows, I haven't gained or lost anything (they didn't weigh me until the 9th week). But it is still odd. Especially since I see all of these pictures of women who are about as pregnant as I am, give or take a week or so, and they have BELLIES. I have no belly! There isn't even a trace, and we've been taking pictures at least once or twice a week since we knew junior was on the way just to document. My clothing fits probably better than it did, and I know I've gained weight in some places (my boobs!) so I must just be redistributing.

So, that's about it in baby-land so far. It won't be long until the halfway mark!

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