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June 26, 2008

Second Anniversary and Baby Progress!

I know this is 2 days late and all...but our 2nd anniversary was on Tuesday...YAY! I'm actually somewhat surprised that I'm taking the time to do a blog entry right now, with things being the way they are...but it's been a while, so I'm due!

Our anniversary was great, nice and low-key. Went out to dinner, and had more baby-on-the-brain than anything else! I didn't have to work that evening, so I was pretty happy about that. And I hate to not give the 2nd anniversary the celebration or attention it deserves, but there's so much more on the brain!

Which brings me to the baby news once again. Since I "passed" the 3-hour glucose screen, it has since resurfaced, albeit in a kinder, gentler form. Technically, I DID pass the test (so I don't have "gestational diabetes", but the next time I went to see the doctor, I found out that I didn't pass the fasting one, and just slid in under the cut-off for passing on the other 3...apparently it takes failing 2 or more on the 3 hour test to confirm diagnosis). But, I failed the one that counted the most, potentially, and the doctor was worried about the baby being exposed to that high of blood sugar levels over night. So off to the dietitian I go! A few adjustments to the diet, and 4 finger pricks a day...voila! I could really do without the finger poking and blood sugar testing that often, since it's harder than one would think to do it when you're supposed to. And especially with my funny work/eating schedule. The take-home message that I got was to be sure to balance the carbs with some protein, and that seems to be doing the trick. I've gained a little bit of weight, since things with more protein also tend to have more fat/calories in them, too. White bread....bad. Cereal...bad.

Next order of business...childbirth classes, which I may have mentioned that we started taking, and have since finished! So we're all ready for that, have the hospital tour done, hospital pre-registration paperwork in hand and all that. All that is left is finding a pediatrician...which I've been slacking on.

And then the doctors appointment today. Doctor is away on vacation this week, and it wasn't like I was really fearing going into labor while he was gone, but the way luck has been working for me sometimes, who knows! Anyway, saw the nurse practitioner who did the child birth class (got the group-B strep test done...yeeayyy), and she checked to see how far dilated I was...4cm! Almost 100% effaced too! And here I was hoping for maybe 2cm at best! So I left the office with a cheesy grin on my face (knowing full well that I could stay at 4cm for a while...but still, pretty damned happy) AND a note excusing me from work for until the baby comes (granted, my last day was supposed to be today, and I got suckered into working Sunday...but I can get out of that now! Yay!)

I'm so excited that things are getting so close now! I don't think I'd be disappointed if I had one more doctor's appointment before this kid decides to show up! Even if it is just a teensy bit early!

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December 22, 2007

Baby on Board!

Well, today marks the 10th week of pregnancy, that's a quarter down, and 30 weeks more to go! So here's the official announcement...we're having a baby :) Just in time for what appears to be blog entry #100

This isn't really an uh-oh or even much of a surprise, since we've not been doing anything to prevent it for the past 6 months or so. So when the two lines came up on the pregnancy was like...FINALLY! We were wanting to be SO SURE that we had tried three different brands of tests, four if you count ovulation test strips as being sort of a test. That's alot of peeing. The final at-home test was the expensive kind that has a digital readout and a clear "pregnant" or "not pregnant" readout. All signs point to being knocked up!

So the positive tests, oddly enough, were showing up before that time of the month was due. Yes, I had a bunch of cheap tests that I bought and took on a whim. About four days before the red tide was due to show, I was getting bored and decided to try one. Nothing...too early anyway. The next day, I tried again, and where there had not been any trace of a line whatsoever, there was now a very very faint one, the kind you almost have to tilt into the light at the right angle to see. I came clean to Mike that day that I'd cheated and tested early, even though there was no reason this particular month to be pregnant (versus all the other months!). And he saw the line too. I tested the next day...again...faint line still there! I waited two days because the hormone levels the tests detect double every 48 hours or so, and I also used one of the ovulation ones (which if it comes up with any line, it isn't definite for pregnancy, but if it is DARK, then you are ovulating a 2nd time in the month or you could be pregnant). The ovulation test was WAY dark and the other pregnancy test was darkening as well! Later that day, we rushed to the dollar store and bought a test there, did test in the middle of the day, and once again, that second line came up!

Now the big guns. We went to Target and bought the ClearBlue Easy Digital test. Waited until Saturday morning (the day that period was expected...and made sure it was the concentrated first morning urine too), got out the video camera and I went to do the job. Probably 20 seconds after the test started...BAM...up pops PREGNANT.

That was on November 10th.

No period of course, which is always a good thing after positive pregnancy tests, and I'm like, hmm...well...36 more weeks to prepare! The first couple weeks after that were pretty uneventful, and it is quite an abstract thing to know that there's something growing inside of you, but have no reason other than a little pee-stick told you so. The weekend after we "found out", Mike's parents arrived for a surprise visit to see his brother's football game. The following week was Thanksgiving, and we were traveling up to see them. It was that Wednesday when I was at about 5 1/2 weeks, that the first hint of morning sickness came. On the drive to Montana, my stomach was not agreeing with sugary things, even though they didn't SOUND bad to eat. I wanted to eat salt and vinegar potato chips to counteract everything sugary, and I ate them for most of the trip. Thanksgiving was fine, as was the day after. The Saturday we were due to leave, we had some pancakes for breakfast, which was the first food that really did not agree with me! I ate from my stash of chips, and all was good.

Upon returning home, I was already at week 6, and had yet to even decide on a doctor or call on a doctor's appointment. Before Thanksgiving, I was due for my "routine" blood test that the regular family practice doctor wanted me to do, so I figured if I was going to have to go in for an appointment to discuss the results with her, then maybe I could also ask who she recommended for an OB/GYN. call a week after the blood test, which sent the message to me that maybe my blood tests were normal this time! That wouldn't be bad! But just as I'm about to play the eeny-meeny-miny-moe game with finding an OB/GYN (off the list from the insurance company), I get a call to come in to the regular doctors. BUSTED! The appointment was scheduled for December 6th now, at which point I was nearly 8 weeks along! Time flies!

At the appointment, I asked who she recommended, and went directly home to schedule. She gave me the names of three people all part of the same practice, and I found the number pretty quickly off the insurance page, and I call. I get the automated menu so I pick, scheduling. Ahh! So many to choose! Why must this be so hard! I've always just called a practice before, and if I have no preference, they just pick one for me, whoever is taking new patients and whoever is available most quickly. But...they all are! So the lady I talk to says to go look at their web page and pick one there and call back. Okay, so I look, and finally pick one. Call back, and the person tells me she's looking to see what is open. Finds one for the 18th (woohoo!) and makes idle note of the fact that the doctor usually sees people between 8 and 9 weeks, and I'm already 8 weeks! I'd be 9 1/2 by the appointment, which was a little bit later than usual, but still okay.

Okay, now that I'm set with that, I step aside to discuss this morning sickness stuff. At first, the 5th and 6th week were great, and I thought maybe I'll avoid this stuff all together! Then Thanksgiving, things weren't agreeing with me, but that wasn't "morning sickness". Then there's the matter of some white sauce with bits of sausage in it that Mike's father left in our fridge (like for biscuits n gravy). I started to smell that, and intending to throw it away, it got worse the longer we waited. My stomach was starting to be unsettled at night, and crackers helped, but I hadn't thrown up yet. One day I came home after lab meeting, went to get an apple from the fridge to tide me over until lunch, and smelled the gravy. Yep...headed right for the bathroom and threw up a couple of times in succession, spaced with hard dry heaves.

Continuing over the next few days and before doctor's appointment, I manage to puke some more, and have horrible cases of dry heaves at least once a day. I don't want anything sweet to eat, and I can't eat more than 1/3 of what I'm used to eating at a meal before I'm full. Loads of fun. Now with things being at 10 weeks, my stomach is still "off", and the latest thing to cause me to dry heave is coughing! Tag that onto just wanting to sleep all the time, I really wish this feeling of being so lethargic would end soon! Come on, where's that great feeling and boost of energy that is supposed to come with the 2nd trimester. Oh wait, I've 2 more weeks before that.

Anyway, the doctor's appointment went off without too much of a hitch (the only hitch being that we were rescheduled from 11:15 to 4:00 right after we got there for the original off catchin babies...unpredictable little suckers!). Appointment went well, got called back about 4:30, did the pee in a cup thing, got weighed/blood pressure taken and then off to ultrasound room! Woohoo! Little bugger pops right up on the screen without digging around too much, and measured 1 day ahead of what I had figured out (9 weeks, 4 days, instead of 9 weeks, 3 days like I thought).

So armed with two pictures of junior, we make the next appointment, and head on home. And I now present...first pictures...

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July 25, 2007

One Year, One Month, One Day

Since it's been a while (again!) since the last entry, I figured I'd fill some time in my day and put in another entry. Since I missed blogging about our one year anniversary, I decided a little while back to put in a blog entry on the 1/1/1...almost thinking I might have done it on the quadruple 1 day (one year, one month, one week, one day), but that's next week, and it seems just weird. So after reminding myself by looking at my blingyblob on MySpace (it said 1 1 1)...I decided to do the post now...

Our one year anniversary was on June 24th! The day before, we went up to Lake Tahoe and took the same boat cruise that we got married on. It was not as nice of a sunset, and it was a fair bit colder and windier, but it was still a good time. I guess nothing can actually top the actual wedding day, so if we got crappy weather this year, it more than makes up for last year's stroke of luck. It was also a stroke of luck that we happened to go on the cruise the day before, since we thought going on a Saturday night would be better than Sunday night and having to rush back to Reno late at night to get back to work on Monday. And it was a good thing we did! The massive fire broke out on the 24th...and we probably would have had a crappier time or not been able to go on the boat cruise at it was lucky that we went the day before!

Other than's public knowledge now that I am looking for another job! Not that I didn't like the one I have/had, but there is just no money *frown*...have had some prospects around the university, but I have been dragging my feet a bit. The Charles River facility (the new one) is right down the street from our house, and it would be very awesome to be able to get a job there when it opens. I'm also looking for a bit more stability in work, which I'm hoping that might provide.

Well...that's about all the news that there is to report for now! The summer is going way too quickly!

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June 07, 2007

Return from Maui

Well, our long-awaited "honeymoon" and trip to Maui has finally come to an end...this time around! For those who haven't been, both of us HIGHLY recommend it. It is a gorgeous place with lots of neat things to see and do, but also a great place to just relax. I was really amazed at how easy it was just to relax, and I'd almost forgotten how good that can feel.

So I'll just give a little breakdown of our trip, since it's still pretty fresh in my mind. Also, to go along with this, there's TONS of pictures posted at , ordered by day...they aren't sorted out yet, but I'll probably sort them/add some video and also put them on the gallery for this page too.

Day 1 (May 27th): Our first day on Maui wasn't even close to a full day. We woke up that morning and went to the airport in Reno to catch the first of our flights there. The first one was on Southwest...going to LAX. Taking off just before 10am, we got to LAX (after a stop in Oakland...didn't get off the plane though) around 12:30. We hauled all of our luggage (we did just carry-on the entire way) across LAX to the Delta terminal and waited for our next flight that took off at 5pm. We actually landed in Kahalui earlier than 8pm local time instead of 8:40pm. It was already dark so we didn't really get a good view of the island from the air, just the lights of the city. First thing we noticed was the change in humidity (it was alot more humid than Reno, but not as bad as some places on the east coast of the US). The airport was pretty easy to get out of, and it was almost all open-air (only "inside" areas were right near the gates). We went and got our rental car (a mustang convertible!) and drove down to Wailea to check-in to the first hotel we were staying at on the south western coast of Maui.

Day 2 (May 28th): We woke up to our first morning and full day in Maui, staying at the Renaissance Wailea. The hotel was VERY nice...and wouldn't ordinarily stay there if it hadn't been free for two nights! It was a very beautiful resort, and it was nice for a while to have drinks and things be brought to you as you lounged around by the pool. Or have the option to go take a swim in the ocean (since the resort was on the beach) and right after go soak in one of the hot tubs or take a dip in the pool. It was expensive though. And our room was definitely not oceanview...not that we minded since we weren't staying there long and there were plenty of other places to hang out besides our room! We actually woke up way earlier than we normally would (besides work days when we have to get up early for work)...Hawaii is 3 hours behind, so even waking up at 7 or 8am felt like sleeping in at home until 10 or 11am. All in all...we spent most of the day "resorting" it.

Day 3 (May 29th): We were due to check out of our room in Wailea and head up to the other place we were going to stay for the next week. But first, we took a quick snorkel swim out in the ocean to see what we could see...and we saw fish! We used up one underwater camera trying to photograph stuff...which is ALOT harder than it looks. After that, we checked out, got the car and headed up towards Napili Bay. Napili Bay is about a 15 minute drive or so from the town of Lahaina, one of the main harbors and apparently a former capitol of Hawaii. There's a ton of stuff to do there, only a tiny fraction did we even touch there during our trip. In any case, we checked in a little early to our condo and hit up the beach. Our condo was perfect for us, and unlike our other room at the big WAS ocean front...our lanai was hovering over the sandy beach and we could probably throw a rock from our door and have it hit the water. It wasn't a huge beach, but it was a good size and didn't seem too crowded. That night we also had dinner with Mike's former swim coach who lives on to see a bit of the night life of Lahaina.

Day 4 (May 30th): Woke up "early" again after having to get used to the waves crashing onto the beach all night long. After making a quick shopping trip to the Safeway in Lahaina (all the creature comforts of home...teehee), we spent most of the day just relaxing. Took a dip in the ocean a few times and hung out on the lanai reading or sewing or just watching the people on the beach. Time for me seemed to go slower on that particular day...I'd look at the clock and presume a few hours had passed, when it was only one hour or less! Great feeling.

Day 5 (May 31st): We did the infamous drive to Hana today. It is "infamous" because it quite a scenic drive, not to mention the curvy-windy-narrowness of it. Hana is on almost the opposite end of where we were staying...the south east part of the island. This part of the island apparently gets a ton more rain than the west side, but it seemed to be running a bit dry when we drove the road. On the way up, we stopped a few times to either take a short hike or take pictures of the waterfalls we could see or of the views. There were a ton of one-lane bridges and with all the curves we couldn't go very fast. But it was a nice drive...albeit a little nerve wracking with the way some of the other people drive. We made it to Hana and turned around there, a bit too tired to keep going past it to the Oheo Gulch and the 7 pools...kind of bummed that we didn't now, since apparently that is one of the best things to see on the drive! As it was, we made it back down to civilization again in the early evening.

Day 6 (June 1st): Even though we were tired from our trip to Hana, we were still able to make it out on a snorkeling cruise! I dug around on the internet that day, pricing out the different trips, and finally settled on an afternoon snorkel cruise on a boat called the Four Winds (price, time, stuff offered, etc were all part of my decision!). It ended up being a great choice for us! Apparently, with afternoon snorkel cruises, they don't always go out to the Molokini crater because winds kick up too hard. In any case, we arrived at Maalea Harbor (where the boat was) and got on the boat at around 1:30. There were only 30 some odd people on the boat (not including the crew), which was nice compared to the 100+ that go on the morning cruises. We started heading out towards Molokini, which is the crater of a long-extinct volcano with one of the parts of the crater worn down. The crater acts as a barrier against the waves and makes it a really great place to snorkel. Mid-route, they determined that it was good to go to Molokini (instead of an alternate dive site). And it was GREAT. The water is so clear...and the fish were great too...alot of them came right up to the boat and the snorkelers! Since it was afternoon, there were only 2 other boats besides ours at Molokini, instead of the usual 20 or so that are in the morning. There was a person dedicated to underwater filming of everyone and all the fish and stuff, so we bought a copy of that. The videographer had scuba gear, so he got some of the stuff that was a bit further below us...too far for us to really dive down...and on the video, he narrates it and identifies all of the stuff we saw (or didn't see).

Day 7 (June 2nd): Yet another relaxing day just sitting outside at our rented condo. This day, however, we discovered the turtles! As we returned from our Molokini cruise the day before, the boat captain pointed out a couple turtles swimming around near the harbor. We only saw a couple of turtles, and at that, only their heads or maybe a front flipper. Two days before, Mike saw *something* in the water near our condo when we were out snorkeling, but couldn't really make it out well since neither of us had our glasses on. It was too small to be a person's head, and it bobbed up and down sporadically. We saw something similar in the rocks on the edge of the beach, and went to investigate. Turns out that the turtles loved to congregate and play there around sunset! We also saw a turtle in the water earlier in the day while snorkeling, but he stayed at least 5 feet away from us or was cool to see it swimming though!

Day 8 (June 3rd): Relax...relax...relax. We spent another relaxing day...relaxing. And souvineer shopping! We bought ourselves some snazzy Hawaiian garb and went out to dinner at the Outback...yeah...just like home...

Day 9 (June 4th): More...relaxing. Had to run out to replace the key that we lost in the ocean the first day (oops!) and grabbed a few more souvineer things and picked up a pizza for dinner (oh how we rough it...Hawaiian style...) Enjoyed our last Maui sunset...for this trip at least...since we were checking out and leaving the next day.

Day 10 (June 5th): Time to check out of condo and enjoy our last day on Maui. We took a drive up to Haleakala Crater...the big volcano that formed the island that is for all intents and purposes...not really active. The road went up to about 10,000 feet in about 40 miles or so...and it was a GREAT view. The volcano area itself looks like a whole different planet....almost what I presume Mars to look like! After the drive back down, we wasted a little more time at Maalea harbor and went off to the airport. Our flight left at 9pm...and it was only the beginning of a long series of flights/airport waits to come. We flew overnight, scheduled to land in Salt Lake City in the morning.

Day 11 (June 6th): Okay, so we weren't really in Hawaii anymore...but rather traveling back home to Reno. We landed in Salt Lake city about 7am local time (making it about a 6 hour flight). After that, we changed planes and flew back to LAX (another 2 hours in a plane!). Then...change airlines back to Southwest, and another quick trip from LAX to Reno...arriving at a little after 2:30pm. And boy was it a shock...COLD. Apparently a cold snap hit when we were gone, dropping temperatures closer to freezing! Ouch! was a great trip...and now we are looking forward to going back sooner rather than later...maybe next year!

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May 15, 2007

Maui at Last!

Anyone who's known me for long enough knows that I've been dreaming about going to Hawaii for a VERY long time. My original fascination was probably the fact that it was an island with beaches and all of those things that embody what a vacation paradise should be. In my teen years, I even went as far as to fantasize about living there or attending college there. Once it was quite clear that I wasn't going to go to college there, I started seriously planning for the day that I would go there on a vacation...a honeymoon perhaps?

Several years ago, I took out a Marriott rewards Visa card...I stayed at some Marriott hotels when I went to meetings for work (thus getting points without having to pay!) and I was at a time in my life where I was paying off my credit card each month anyway...why not get something for it. I accumulated tens of thousands of points, just so I could have a free room somewhere at some point. When Mike and I started dating, both of us signed up for the Delta SkyMiles...and we've been adding to it since then, taking out a SkyMiles credit card after we got married as well.

So now...just before our one year anniversary we are FINALLY going to Hawaii!!! I have been reading up on books about Hawaii since last Christmas...I've been digging up airfares, info on places to stay and things to do. I've talked to SO many people (so has Mike!). I worked out all of the costs for everything and tried so hard to get the best deal possible...and so far it's worked out okay!!! would have been way sweeter on the flight to either (1) be able to upgrade to first class with our SkyMiles (not lookin too likely)... (2) get the flight for free...didn't have an available flight for us, even though we have plenty of points. Still...$400 round trip from LAX to Maui...not bad. A cheap ticket on Southwest gets us to LAX for $100 round trip. $500 definitely beats the $850 that just flying Delta the whole way from Reno.

Next...hotel! Managed to use some of those Marriott points for two free nights at a hotel that ordinarily goes for $350+ per night! Yeah, we wouldn't stay there if it wasn't free. But it saves us some money on the other place we're staying...a rented condo right on the beach!

Car...HAFTA get the convertible...and Mike's dream car is a Mustang convertible, so that is what we are renting!

So we have everything planned...just hafta wait 12 more days until we go! I'll be goin crazy dreaming about it until we actually leave!

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September 05, 2006

The New Car

Well, Sunday was both an exciting and bit of a sad day. Sad because I had to say goodbye to my very first little blue/green Toyota Corolla. She (aren't all cars a she? hehehe...) kept on running, although I abused her much sometimes, going for longer than the recommended time without an oil change, not replacing the windshield wiper fluid container (it had come off long it wasn't a matter of never filling it, it was that there was not one to fill!), and sometimes having the inside of the car a little too "lived" in (playing host to NutraGrain wrappers and Diet Mountain Dew and Monster cans). She moved me into my apartments in Tucson, and once even was the sole moving and hauling vehicle when I moved to the last apartment in Tucson. She went on several trips to California and around Las Vegas, and almost (accidentally!) went into Mexico. And then she made the great journey with me up to Reno, where she spent her first real winter and got to be housed in a garage for a while. She was parked familiarly in the driveway after we got home from our wedding, and several years ago, I'd even thought she'd last long enough to be transporting our first kid(s) home. It's been a good 9 years since I've had her. we handed her off to the guy at the dealership, we were trading her in for a brand new Toyota Highlander (hybrid!). It's got all the bells and whistles (probably more than we wanted...but hey, it's what they had, and we really really wanted this particular kind of car). The engine is so quiet when the car turns on, that I wasn't even sure it had started! It goes pretty well the sense that my first car accellerated bravely when it was still pretty new, but as things got older, it hesitated a bit more, especially around 65 mph for some reason (going faster than was fine! She liked to go fast!). This one I almost had to be careful because I didn't realize I was moving along so fast on the freeway during the test drive! Both Mike and I had talked for the longest time about all the things we could do with the new car...go camping, take it up skiing (since it's 4 wheel drive, we can make it up the hill without mandatory chains on usually), and even make it easier to have everyone who visits riding in the car with us. When kids come along, it will have plenty of space for them, and any grandparents, aunt, uncles and/or cousins that would be riding with us! And that would have really been nice at the wedding.

So...there goes our first major purchase as a married couple (we bought the house before we were that doesn't count, right?). I'll post some pictures of the new and the old car next to each other and all that good stuff...

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June 09, 2006

The Ticker!

June 08, 2006

Random Wedding Related Things...Still's getting to be that time where the days as a single girl will soon be over! And as things draw closer, it's harder NOT to think about it. And all of the stuff that needs to get taken care of.

So what have we done this week so far? The weekend before last we got the guy's tuxes taken care of...check. Picked up my dress too. We're finally getting places to stay up in Tahoe taken care of and now it seems like we're onto the small things like making sure the cake gets ordered, flowers are picked out, rings get bought and hair gets done. At least today I got the hair appointments. Woosh. I sit by the mailbox every day waiting for the last of the reply cards to trickle in, only to usually open the box and find a bunch of junk mail and one tiny little card in there amongst the junk and bills. Now onto the cake and flowers, and then next week the final guest count goes in and we fork out the bucks for the wedding.

It's so HARD to pick out a cake and flowers...because there's so much to choose from! And then the realization of this being the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do this (unless we have a bunch of daughters who want help planning their wedding).

Once again...the excitement is building because I want everyone to come and be here! I want it to come soon, but I don't want it to go so soon...and I'm sure as every other person about to get married's gotta be perfect!

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May 24, 2006

Countdown to the Wedding!

Exactly one month from today (for those calendar impaired, that will be on June 24th) we will be getting married!

So with it being so close, I think both Mike and I agree that we just want it to come because it's just SO close! And speaking for myself, I'm excited about seeing everyone who is coming, and sad for those who can't come, but knowing that I'll see them soon! But with it being so close, that means making sure everything gets done that needs to be done before then!

Had the final fitting for my dress today as well. I'm loving that dress more and more each time I try it on, and now that it fits perfectly, iti doesn't make me look so fluffy. I still need to work on toning up arms and things, but I think that's a more realistic task than losing a ton of weight in a month.

The guys are going this weekend to get their tux's picked out and tried hopefully that goes off without a hitch! Then there's the incoming reply cards, cake style to pick out, flowers to pick out, hotel reservations to be made, hair/nails appointments to be made, and so on and so forth! Whew...if the cruise people weren't taking care of alot of this, I think I'd be really exhausted by now...

Well, that's about it...I might update as things get a little closer!

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March 30, 2006

Crossing off Things on the To-Do List

Once again, the time has passed all too quickly, and all that time came with no blog entry. So, I'm writing now, just as things are getting crossed off the never-ending to-do list. I suppose that would be number blog entry...

Get PhD done...check

My final defense was done on February you can just call me Dr. Amy now...officially!

Set wedding date...check

We are getting married on June 24th, on the Tahoe Queen at Lake Tahoe! Getting a dress and sending out the invitations is still on the to-do list.

Buy Tempur-Pedic bed...check

Bought it last night at RCWilley...getting deliered on Saturday! Yay!

Okay, so there isn't as many things on that list that we've checked off, other than possibly making the house better and cleaner one step at a time.

While things have been busy, it didn't help that both Mike and I were sick for a while (ugh...very sick indeed), and I ended up barely being able to teach! In other news, my parents are coming in a week from now, and Mike's parents will be here the week after! I'm really excited since it will be the first visit to the new house for both parents (aside from Mike's dad who was here a few weeks ago).

Well, that's about all. Thinking of starting a new blog here to rant about politcal issues...eesh...


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October 11, 2005

Hannah Jo is Here!

On October 2nd, I became an aunt! My younger sister Tracy gave birth to a little baby girl, Hannah Jo!

Look how cute n little she is!

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Buying a House

Well, after looking around and running the numbers, calculating how much in savings we have, we finally decided to buy a house! It's the biggest debt we'll get into in our lives, but hopefully it'll work out!

Anyway, we went looking at houses again this past Sunday. There were two right across the street from each other, same floor plan, etc. One we had seen before and really liked, and there were nice things about it, but the bad part was that one of the rooms upstairs reeked of cat pee. That would be really really really really really bad with our three. The yard was nice too. Bad side...the living room and kitchen walls painted a very very very bright red.

So as I said, across the street a house with the same floor plan. Little bigger yard (and when they lots are about 1/10 of an acre, I really mean "little" bigger). The house was set up almost the way that we would, with one bedroom being ours, a second bedroom for future child or two, and one room into a den. And it was almost a uber den, with desks and shelves lining the walls and still room for a small entertainment center/television.

We put in our bid, they counter offer, we adjust the counter offer and it looks like it's a go! Today has been rushing around talking to the loan officers and making sure everything works out. So we might close on the 17th of November!

YYYAAAYYY! As soon as things are more finalized, I'll post pictures (since I'm picture happy today and all).

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July 24, 2005

T-minus...and Counting!

I suppose it's been a while since my last blog entry (it happens yet again). I thought I'd just title this one and have a countdown theme.

So...first...t-minus 13 hours and counting until my prelim exam. Yep, it's finally happening! I scheduled all (okay, 4 out of 5) of my committee members to be together for this. I've studied...sometimes devoting more time than not to it. I've practiced a bit. I could practice more maybe. But hopefully I'll be able to take all of that knowledge perkolating through my brain and make sense of it and be able to think on my feet for 3 hours.

Then...t-minus less than 1 day, as the moving of the lab begins. Frozen stuff starts tomorrow (25th). T-minus 14 days until the movers officially come. And on the 15th of August, my lab is officially gone. Both crazy and exciting times.

And of course (I can't leave this one out!), t-minus 9 days until Mike's 30th birthday! That, of course, is the most exciting out of all of them! It means I get to shower him with all sorts of presents and lovin' and stuff...but unfortunately, I won't be there THAT DAY. Instead, I once again proclaim a "Mike's Birthday Observed" for next weekend. Mark your's August 2nd everyone!

Well...hopefully I'll have another t-minus to tell everyone about here in another week or so. That would be the "T-minus time til Amy is out of Tucson for good!" And that will be awesome. :)

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June 26, 2005


So Amy emerges from the the aether with a new blog entry! I'll just start by saying that there's been lots going on, and it'll be summed up here, hopefully, in not too many words.

I've been in Reno for the past 3 weeks, studying for prelim exams away from the hustle and bustle of the lab. It seems like 3 weeks just went like nothing flat. And just as I was getting used to seeing Mike each and every day, I have to go and fly back to Tucson to resume a little bit of work ( know the drill).

As to not sleep in til we did on Saturday, we set an alarm for 11am (a mildly reasonable time to awaken on the weekend). I heard the alarm go off, Mike hit the snooze, and we both peacefully and happily drift off again. Okay, so the snooze turned into turning off the alarm all together, but it was still a pleasant snooze. Cats on the was good. Not really being asleep, Mike said something to me like "yeah, we've already slept 45 minutes past the alarm." When there was something shaking. Not something...everything! I think the first words out of my mouth were "that couldn't be the cats shaking the bed so much." And...duh...the windows and walls were shaking. So Mike said..."earthquake?"

We sat in bed for the next hour or so watching CNN and stuff to see if there had been one, and finally, on the little ticker at the bottom of the screen I caught some bit about an earthquake. And that was the extent of it on the news, so we got smart and grabbed the laptop, and saw that, yes, there was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake about 20 miles away. Cool!

I've always wanted to feel an earthquake, and today I got my wish. It wasn't high on my list of wishes, but maybe it is an omen that more of my wishes will come true. Too bad it had to be on the day that I have to go back to Tucson, huh?

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May 04, 2005

Amy and Mike's trip to the Magic Kingdom

Maybe it's more like our trip to Los Angeles. It's been a couple weekends past since we got back, but I figured I'd tell everyone in cyberland all about it still...

The reason for the trip was to attend the 96th annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Or at least I was to attend the meeting, I just dragged Mike along for the weekend. I had a poster to present on the Monday of the meeting, which I might discuss later, so we had the weekend to play a bit.

We arrived at LAX around 9pm on Friday evening. Mike got there before I did and just waited around at the Southwest gates for my flight to get in. From there, we made our way down to the ground transportation area (which is a madhouse...I can't ever see myself driving to LAX and driving by the terminal areas without losing my sanity). We had to wait for a bus to take us to the car rental place (which...took a little while. We saw like 6 busses for a different company pass by, the same one mind you, before ours finally came. Finally on the bus, we head off to the rental lot. Right outside the gate to the lot is a car with an Asian family in it (2 people up front and like 2 or 3 kids in the back). It was just STOPPED in the road in the right lane before the turn in. The bus kept honking, but the people wouldn't GO. It was as if they didn't know how to drive the car! The kids in the back started waving at the bus driver to just go around, which the bus eventually did, only to have to make a right turn about 15 feet in front of them.

We get the car and set out north on the 405 towards Sylmar/Valencia. The place we stayed the first night was close to our Saturday amusement park of choice, Six Flags Magic Mountain. Checked in, got pizza delivered, watched a little TV and went to sleep. I remember waking up earlier than I needed to, seeing the first bit of sunlight coming into the window. For some reason, I had feared that we had overslept and would be late to the amusement park! (Mike was still kind of out of it. I jumped right out of bed and volunteered to shower first. Mike dozed, having to actually ask if I had already taken a shower when I woke him up afterwards).

And then off to Magic Mountain! Traffic was a little nuts (just sheer number of people), but we got there and into the park just about a half hour after the park actually opened.

It was a great time. Perfect weather. Great rides. A few strange people (we were starting to feel a bit out of place as the night wore on...we were the exception to everyone having strange body piercings. Eyebrows. Lips. Scruff of the neck. I don't care to know where else).

With enough thrill rides in our system, we left to go check into the hotel that was being paid for attending the meeting. Disneyland Grand Californian.

Wow. There is no way I'd be able to spend that much money on this hotel by myself. I'm not entirely sure that, if I had the money, if I'd stay there. Beautiful hotel, and nestled right between Disneyland and California Adventure. We weren't going to either...too much. But Downtown Disney was free to go to (where all the shopping is), and that was right outside our door too. Apparently that's where all the normal people were.

Sunday was the day that Mike had to go home (so he could go back to work Monday). We headed out to Redondo Beach and got to walk in the sand as the waves washed over our feet. I wouldn't have traded that walk for anything.

Then off to a quick dinner and then to the airport to drop of the car and get Mike on a plane.

If the IP doesn't change, here's some pictures from our trip:

I headed back to the hotel (sans Mike...sniff) and got ready for the meeting on Monday morning. Just to summarize...the meeting was okay. My poster went well (got lots of comments/questions/etc). I got some stuff from the vendors at the meeting too (a radio, a cool pen, a stuffed duck, magnets, etc). By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was tired and wanting to go back home. But I had to go back to Tucson for 2 days before finally being able to get back to see Mike in Reno.

That's it!

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April 11, 2005

Thoughts on turning 28

By the time shown on my laptop clock, it appears to be just after midnight on April 11th. Which's my BIRTHDAY.

So I'll give my yearly post that I've given ever since...uh...last year...on my birthday (see for that post). I'm turning 28. If one wants to be super specific here, I'll have spent exactly 28 years in the outside world at around 8:30 am something, eastern standard time (translated to about 11:30 am local time). But hey...the whole of April 11th is my birthday, which means that it is now.

As for the past year? Great! Did I get everything I wanted accomplished in this past year that I had hoped for. Not really. But last year at this time, I didn't think that I'd be living in Reno, looking to buy a house there, and so on and so forth. Also thought I'd be done with my PhD now, but alas that didn't happen quite on time (keep nagging me Mike!).

Onto other things. This weekend was great as well! It was much too short for my liking, however. The plane trip from Tucson to Reno went off without a hitch and ontime for once (!!!). The weather was a little bit bumpy around Las Vegas, causing the airplane to sway more than I've ever experienced and making the landing pretty challenging for the pilots. I got the first of my birthday presents, early, which was a dozen roses. I am always so amazed and surprised whenever I recieve flowers from Mike. And this time is no exception!

The second of my birthday gifts was on the bed when we got home. I laid down and it was a pillow! Not just any pillow, but a TempurPedic one! And I must say, that pillow is one of the greatest things to come down the line since sliced bread. Actually, I think I like it better than sliced bread. Just a teaser for buying the entire TempurPedic bed one of these days. The pillow is firm, yet soft, which is kind of counterintuitive, but it gives you really great neck and back support. I know I sound like an advertisement, but it really is awesome stuff...and it made my neck feel great in the morning.

That night we ate at home, rested and I crashed out still wearing most of my day-clothes. Woke up the next morning and went to a track meet for Mike's brother's school. It was COLD. And oddly enough...snowing! After spending a few hours there, we bailed and went back home. We ate a little, then it was off to look at houses again! Found some houses that we liked (not as much as one we looked at before that we have ZERO chance of getting into a new one), and a slight glimmer of hope that we might, one of these days, be on a real waiting list with a real chance for one of those houses. Sigh.

And back home again for a little naptime, followed by dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. And hey...we all got carded! of...we slept in a little later and cleaned up, for Mike's parents are coming soon. And next weekend we are both off to LA for the meeting!

That is my weekend in a nutshell...and my very brief reflections on the whole birthday thing. Cheerios!

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December 17, 2004

Beginning of an Era...The Big Move

Well, the apartment people came back...and...


We're set for the 29th of December to start moving in, so buh-bye old places! Hello new place! two...just one for the two of us, and three cats.

Ok, that's all for now.

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December 15, 2004

End of an Era...My Last Trip to Bozeman

What I really mean is, my last trip to Bozeman with the purpose of visiting Mike has come and gone. Two weeks from today, we will be preparing to spend the New Year's in Sparks at our new apartment!

Yes...two weeks. It seems so far off, yet it is only 2 weeks...14 days...a number of hours less than 340...

So my last trip to Montana was rather relaxing and I suppose overall uneventful or having a tremendous amount of surprises. Had lunch with various people (for the last time while Mike lives there), dinner, played a rousing game of trivial pursuit (which Mike and my team didn't win...sigh), and watched a bunch of movies both at the theater and on DVD.

There was no snow, except for the bit on the ground when I first got there, and had melted before the weekend was up. So that made it feel even less like pre-Christmas time.

But, as always, the best part is Mike. The whole entire reason why I have flown there so many times in the past year, and the whole entire reason why each time I've enjoyed myself there. And also the reason why I'm relocating to Nevada (even though that was a mutual agreement...and an excellent one at that).

So probably by the next time I stick an entry in here, at least Mike will be moved in to the new place.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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November 29, 2004

Moving to Reno

Actually, to be precise, moving to Sparks, Nevada.

Veteran's Day weekend marked the first time we were in the Reno area and could "look around." After a long drive from Salt Lake City to Reno (extended from Bozeman for Mike. I just took the easy way by flying to Utah) we checked out a few places near the university, which is a potential place of employment for both of us, but by a bit of serindipity, we went to eat lunch in Sparks and just happened to drive by a few places that we really liked!

And now I'll gush. The apartment complex is located in a decent area of Sparks, far enough away from the busy parts of Reno. It's in a neighborhood area with houses and such, shopping, restaurants, a park, and it's close to a waterpark! About the apartment: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. It has a balcony (which I don't have here!) with storage, and a washer and dryer off of the kitchen (which I DEFINITELY don't have here). I suppose best of all, finding an apartment brings us one step closer to actually BEING there, which is the best thing of all!

Anyhow, I've already started the packing process, albeit rather crudely. Keep posted here and there might be appearing a little journal of the moving progress posted at some point!

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