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January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! (11w3d...200 days to go!)

As I'm sure it's been said a billion times over...Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is already 2008, seeing as how not so long ago, it was the start of 2000. Anyhow, New Years Eve for us started out relatively normal, Mike had to work, and I stayed at home and do what I've been doing for the past couple of months. I got some appointments taken care of for myself and Mike (doctor and dentist appointments, respectively) and Mike got home a little early from work, since it was pretty much a waste of a day for him.

In the early evening, I was getting a headache, but really wanted to stay up until midnight and do all of the New Years stuff. I fell asleep on the couch at around 8 or so, while Mike watched a few movies. I was woken up by Mike's phone ringing (his brother) and I whined a little bit about feeling like I'd almost missed New Years! I know Mike wouldn't have let me sleep, but I felt like I wanted to be up before 11:30! We watched the countdown...hooray...drank sparkling apple cider (since I obviously can't have anything stronger) and wandered outside into the cold night to see if we could see any fireworks going off in downtown Reno (which we couldn't).

And then the great surprise! Apparently Ashley cat had decided that she was tired of waiting for us to feed her some wet food, since she'd gotten spoiled over the past few days that my parents were here. So she let us know how angry she was by pooping in our bedroom! Right on my new sweatshirt! Argh!

Mike went in there to clean it up, but when we were searching around (by smell) for the location of the pile of doo-doo, I caught a whiff and started to gag! Argh! I can't imagine having to clean up after an animal or a child by myself and smelling that. I'd be throwing up more than I already am. So I heaved and spit up some stomach fluid. My headache got worse, and I went downstairs with Mike (after he'd cleaned up and decontaminated our bedroom of feline fecal matter), and watched some more TV with him. Well...headache got worse, and my stomach was feeling off. I got up to get some Tylenol from upstairs, and didn't even make it to the bottle before spewing into the bathroom sink. ALOT. Like my entire dinner (spaghetti). I barfed 3 or 4 times in succession, and I'm pretty sure there was nothing left in my tummy to throw up anymore.

So yay...that was my New Years. I don't think I've ever thrown up so much on New Years Eve, and this wasn't even the result of excessive alcohol consumption!!!

On a better marks 200 more days to go until due date! Seems like a big milestone, but there's still a bunch more time to go! It'll get even better I'm sure once I'm past the whole morning/afternoon/evening sickness stuff!

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April 20, 2007

30th Birthday

As I seem to do every year, I put in a birthday log. This year, I haven't actually gotten around to doing this until AFTER the actual date! (Site was in transition for a period there blog!).

So...I am now among the ranks of the 30-somethings, instead of the 20-somethings. I'll admit that I actually dreaded turning 30, more so than I dreaded any age before, just due to the number alone. My age no longer starts with a "twenty-" and it seems like once you hit 30, it is really the start of the first decade of your life that you are a grown up! When I turned 20, I was still living in the dorms, I still couldn't/didn't support myself. Heck...I didn't even have a car! Turning 20 meant that I was no longer a teenager, and I still had 21 to look forward to.

I've said in previous years that birthday's don't bother me because I'm turning one year older, but because I look back and I am reminded of all the goals that I had set in the year (or more!) before. I think in this year, aside from the dreaded number 30, I have definitely been satisfied with the accomplishment of goals in my life. Since my last birthday, I have gotten married, I have gone through the transition period between grad student and post-doc and even bought a new car. I'm "settled" into life, both relationship wise and financially. The only thing I thought many years ago that I would have before I turned 30 was a child. But...that's not long off! All things told, I think I've accomplished what I thought I would by this age.

As for my actual birthday...GREAT! Only thing that could have maybe made it better was having the day off work...and being somewhere other than home! I woke up, went to work, ended up staying later than I wanted because I had to print out a poster for a meeting the following weekend. Picked up Mike (with flowers!) at work and went to dinner at PF Changs with Mike's parents and brother (and Mike too). The evening was definitely great!

So that's my birthday...getting to spend it with Mike is definitely the best I could wish for! And we'll see what happens between now and when I turn 31 :)

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January 23, 2007

Weekend in Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas...I really do. Ever since the first time I went there at age 13, I was awe struck by the city itself, and every time I left, I couldn't wait to return, knowing that there was something I wanted to make sure I got around to doing the next time. And every time I'm there, there's always something new, and more things to add onto the list for the next time.

This past weekend marked my 9th trip to the strip! It marked Mike's second, but no matter, it was still exciting for the both of us. I'll start off with the reason for our trip. Mike's friend (and former roomate for a few years) Sean and his wife Amy were going to be in Las Vegas. We found out about it at the start of the week, and ultimately decided on Wednesday or Thursday night to head down there. Since it was relatively short notice, we decided to drive down there and give our hybrid it's first mini-road trip experience.

We packed up the car (translation: threw a few changes of clothes into a suitcase, along with some toiletries and camera stuff that was barely unpacked from our Christmas travels) and headed out at around 5:15pm on Friday after work. I had looked up a slightly different route, just to see if it would be faster than the one we'd used before driving between Las Vegas and Reno.'s hard to say whether it was a faster route or not, or whether excessive traffic in some of the towns we had to go through contributed to some of our slow time. We stopped in Tonopah (which we both associate with just an overall bad experience, usually) and the visit delivered just that...more time wasted, slightly bad experience. The first gas station we hit had the slowest pumps the point of Mike deciding that we should just try the station down the road, even if it meant paying more. The second waste of time was at the McDonalds, where we had ordered some pretty simple things, thinking it would be quick, but it turned out to take alot longer than we thought!

The ride from Tonopah to Las Vegas was pretty uneventful, but we were both excited to get there, and both anxious to get out of the car and walk around after sitting for the better part of 8 hours or so. We got to the hotel without incident (courtesy of the great aerial pictures on Google maps...definitely helped us avoid driving on the strip itself!) and we got up to our room at around 1:30am. After that, we decided to take a walk out in the fresh air on the strip, and watch all of the drunk people wandering around from one club to the next or back to their hotel rooms. We turned in for the night and slept VERY well.

The next day we met up with Sean and Amy when they went to go check into their room at the Venetian. After looking at the increase in price on the monorail, Mike and I decided to walk it as best we could, with the option of hopping the monorail at some point if we were too slow or if we got too tired to walk. But we made it walking, and arrived about 5 minutes before they were spotted in the registration line. We walked around after that, making our way from the Venetian, to Treasure Island, and to Caesars for dinner (and a quick peek into the store where Pete Rose was signing autographs...celebrity siting, if you can call him that, I guess). After dinner, we got into the VIP area for the Treasure Island show out front. Then on to the Mirage, to catch the volcano just as it was starting to go off. Moving on, we went to the Bellagio to watch one of the shows, waiting inside to warm up before the show started again. From there, we hit up New York, New York and rode the roller coaster there (which I hadn't ridden since my 21st birthday weekend) was definitely a great ride, and I think I enjoyed it more than I recall the time before. After having some casino and bar time at New York, New York and at Excalibur, we parted ways for the night...feet and legs hurting...but having had a really great day.

Sunday we got up and checked out, and headed out to brunch before we needed to be heading back home. We hit the road about 2:30, and we had made it to Tonopah around 5:30 or so. The major event that happened between Tonopah and Reno came after we had turned onto highway 361. It was the road that we had taken on the way down to avoid going on a road around a lake at night (we figured a nice straight road without lots of curves would let us go faster and be easier to maneuever). A few miles past the turn, I was trying Mike's cell phone to call my parents (mine didn't have as good of signal) and all of a sudden Mike swerves just in time to miss a cow standing in the middle of the road. Everything must have been in our favor, since just a little bit before I had been holding Mike's hand (so he would have one hand on the wheel), and I was looking at the phone (so I didn't see the cow, freak out and scream).

So after that sobering moment, we continued down the road, open range and all, only managing to see a fox on the side of the road (where he stayed, thankfully) and we made it back to Reno around 9:30 or so. Making better time than we had going there. Tired and sore even two days later, we look back and agree that it was a good time...and thinking about what we'll do next time we go there!

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November 08, 2006

Elections and Celebrity Gossip

I've begun to lump all of my ideas for blog entries together into one big blog (when I get around to writing about it!). So having said that, the elections yesterday and celebrity gossip are my chosen topics for today.

How are the two related? Well, for one thing, they were both huge headlines on CNN's website yesterday. Both involve alot of gossip and speculation. And sadly enough, I've spent about equal time in the past couple of weeks looking up election-related and celebrity gossip "news".

I've refrained from commenting on the elections for fear of jinxing it for the Democratic party. The best thing that could have happened is that the Democrats took over the House...and it appears the Senate as well. I believe that, first and foremost, a system of government that can check and balance itself works well. Republican President. Democratic Congress. Both keep each other from doing something totally stupid.

Then again, I don't understand why the two parties fight as they do. It seems to have gotten worse in recent years. Congressmen do not represent the people that elected them, but rather represent the companies that give them the most money. People are afraid. Both sides are afraid of the other party taking over, mass chaos ensuing. Democrats are fearful that two more years of Republican dominated Congress might tear the country to shreds. Republicans are afraid of the "terrorists" getting away with things because Democrats are too weak.

But I will tell you why I think the Democratic party is the best choice for the here and now. It is for all of the reasons that the GOP bashes the Democrats. Democrats are NOT tree-hugging pussys. Republicans assert that if a Dem had been president for 9/11/01, that things would be "worse". I can guarantee though, regardless of party affiliation, the president at the time would have done something. Al Gore would have had the same support against al Qaida as Bush did. But I can also say that Gore would not have twisted thngs to the point of making it seem like 9/11 was backed by Saddam and Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction. Bush wasted his opportunity to find the *real* terrorists, and he also used it to put fear into the hearts of Americans so that he could justify what is going on in Iraq. Real smart.

So that is my last word on that before the celebrity gossip stuff. Which is little. I must admit that I'm addicted to it, in the sense that reading about celebrities and their stupid antics almost makes me feel like I'm that much better of a person. Of course, I don't feel as though I'm necessarily a good person for reading it...teehee. Oh well!

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September 10, 2006

Alien Babies

This is a rather odd subject to be blogging about, I suppose. But here goes...anyone who knows me remotely well, knows that I love the Sims 2. I go through phases where I play it more often than other times, but the game never loses it's appeal to me for some reason.

So, one of the little projects I started way back when (it's been over a year now, for sure), is to keep track of a set of Sim families. I set up a little web page for them as well ( right here ) to keep track of the random goings on. It needs to be updated. But anyway, the gist of it is that I started out with 5 families, and synchronized them all according to how many days they have been around, etc. I let them have kids, go to college, marry, and so on and so forth. I keep track of who was born on what day, what general physical attributes they have (sex, eye color, hair color, and things like that) in an Excel spreadsheet.

Something unexpected happened in one of my second generation families that started up a new fascination for me. Aliens. It was a foregone conlcusion that alien abductions were possible in this game, and a man abducted would always return pregnant. It was a rare chance, but one of the sim fathers (who had already fathered 4 children!) was out looking through his telescope so he could get some more logic skill for his job, and the alien abduction cinematic started up. I was amazed and thrilled at the same time. This had never happened before! And, just as I had read and heard about, he returned pregnant, and a couple of days later, a beautiful green skinned, dark eyed alien baby arrived. It was a girl.

So I've watched with fascination as this alien child grew up, and went to college. As she approached adulthood, I couldn't wait for her to become a parent herself. Of course, there were no other aliens in the neighborhood, so she had to settle for a mere human as a mate. And not long after graduating from college and settling into a nice house in the suburbs, she finds herself pregnant, and giving birth to another bouncing baby girl not long after!

Now...the baby was just as alien as her mother. But it was a girl. Two alien children born, both of them girls. I know that since there were only two, that it could have been just a coincidence. It wasn't a statistical anomaly yet. However, my husband had a cheat to the game (he plays with the cheats...I don't tend to...) where looking through the telescope would always get you abducted. Every single one of the alien babies born was a female! This was starting to get weird. So I went looking for another alien family. I found what I was looking for in Strangetown, where half the population is alien, apparently. The "Curious" family already had one male family member abducted, and he was only a few hours off of giving birth. As part of the scenario, another family member was due to be abducted and would become pregnant as well. Perfect! Two alien babies without the cheat! So, I start playing that family, trying to see if there were any boy alien babies born. First baby...girl. Second baby...girl. Okay, so now it's been at least 4 alien babies born while I've been playing (and a few when my husband was playing). So I exited the game without saving, and tried again. Rather than play a couple of days through, I just allowed the first guy to give birth. Girl. Tried again. Girl. I started looking on the internet to see if there has been ANYONE who has seen a boy alien born. The "Jones" family had a teenage boy alien (with Pollination Technician #9 as the father), but it was contrived by Maxis and not "born" in the game. After a rather fruitless search for any other people who were lacking male alien babies, I tried ONE MORE TIME to see if Pascal Curious could have a boy. And lo and behold...a bouncing baby boy, with all of the classic alien features was born! I named him Mike...hehehe...

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July 26, 2006

One Month Anniversary, Missing Pictures, Clerks 2 and Other Stuff

Well, I know there was no entry right around the time of the wedding...but for all of those who were holding their's done! We're hitched! Legally bound to each other forever and ever!

The wedding itself went off without a hitch, and it was definitely better than either one of us could have imagined. Sure, there's things that, looking back, we might have done a tad bit differently (minor things), like how we handled invitations or wedding favors or how timing for us arriving at the boat place was. But it was just the right size, not too big that people were being neglected, and the boat ride was a whole ton of fun.

On that note, we had a whole mess of pictures taken at the wedding...both in the form of the professional wedding photographer that was hired as part of the wedding package, to everyone who showed up with digital cameras and snapped pictures (pretty much everyone...the camera to people ratio was quite high). And especially Mike's cousin Tiffany, who definitely took a good porition of pictures, and took pictures where the professional photographer was not (i.e. rehearsal dinner, getting ready in the dressing rooms, etc etc.). She also managed our camera to do the video as well, so Tiffany was definitely a very busy monkey!

After the wedding, everyone retreated to their respective places to spend the night, most of them heading out the next day (my sister Tracy and her daughter Hannah, the majority of Mike's family). So we didn't get a chance to snag any of the pictures from them, we only had the pictures from our camera and from my parents camera (after-thought...we WERE going to be huge geeks and take the laptop with us up to Tahoe, but we figured that we probably wouldn't use it much and it was just taking up space in a bag in an already crowded car...if only we had!). And then the problem...Tiffany's SD card in the camera went corrupted! After trying the card in several other cameras/card readers, she sent it to us...and we couldn't get anything out of it either. So off it goes to the professionals! (Fingers MAJORLY crossed right now!)

While we're waiting for the professionals to see what they can do for us, we celebrated our 1 month anniversary! And in grand fashion, we went out to the Olive Garden, which was surprisingly crowded for a Monday night, and then went out to see Clerks 2. It was a fantastic date night, and incredible that so much time has passed so quickly already!

Well, as a final finish up to this entry, we're hoping that by the time our second month anniversary rolls around, that we'll have gotten our new website up and running.

That's all for now!

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January 22, 2006

2005-A Year in Review

A new blog entry! I know I've been sort of stagnating on things for a few months, but I figured that since it's past the new year, time to reflect on all the stuff from the previous year.

2005 was definitely a year of ups and downs, which made things exciting and nerve wracking! But, here's a quick run-down (not in order of importance or otherwise) of 2005:

1. Moved to Reno. Well, at least moved my things and the cats to Reno early in the year. As for myself, well, I was there and not half the time.

2. Had some fun trips! Got to go to Los Angeles with Mike for a meeting, with Magic Mountain, the Beach and one of the Disneyland hotels on our agenda. Also went to Las Vegas (Mike's first time) for a weekend and didn't even begin to touch all of the things to do there.

3. Had my lab move away to Houston. Well, enough said with that one. Everybody went every which way, to Houston or to new labs in Tucson.

4. Became an aunt. Yes, amazing, but true! I think that was the last blog entry I made.

5. Bought a house. Been itching to have a place to call our own for the longest time. Okay, so it hasn't been really that long, but it seemed like it took forever for us to finally get to a place where we could paint the walls, the cats could roam without bumping into things, and we have enough place for our crap.

6. Got engaged! Yes! Officially engaged! Which means a wedding is coming soon! Keep a heads up here for the exact dates, but it will probably be in June.

7. Got a new job. Well, I'm actually starting it tomorrow. It is in Reno (yay!) and it is being a post-doc (which I haven't officially finished a PhD yet, that's coming soon!) and teaching an intro-level class!

So things are good now too! 2006 is awesome, thus far!

Well, that's about all for now. I'm sure as soon as I have something exciting to share again, I will!

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October 11, 2005

And in the Last Few Months I...

It always seems as though I go through prolonged periods of time without putting up a new post. And it isn't as though nothing has happened either...lots of things have!

So, I'll separate those things out with different entries, and just give a little bit about what has been going on with work and school and things. Well, my lab is gone. Or what was my lab. The three lab spaces and the common equipment room started clearing out the first week of August. The moving vans came and took most everything away, and everyone that I worked with was scattered about. Some found new jobs. Some went to Houston. I stayed. So the former Powis lab is now the Baker lab, occupying only one lab space, and only a fraction as many people.

After the lab cleared out, I made my way up to Reno to spend time with Mike and write papers/dissertation for a couple of weeks.

So that's the basic stuff right there. I'm graduating by the end of the year and moving to Reno. I'll explain the rest in my other posts.

If anyone is that curious, the pictures of the packed up lab and moving stuff are here.

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August 08, 2005

Hot August Nights

This week was a big week in Reno. Not only did my favorite guy turn 30, but it also was the week of the big classic car events! Mike said he had to stop from drooling from just the taste of the cars he got to see on Tuesday night cruising up and down Victorian Square. Saturday was the big parade.

So Saturday night we took another trip out to Victorian Square to see the cars parading down the street. It was dark, so didn't get many good pictures. We went to a movie afterwards (War of the Worlds) and went home so we could get up nice and early (hehehe) the next morning.

And up we got at around 9:30 or so to catch the parade that started at 10am (YES! that *IS* early). We hit the very end of the parade route and we were out there watching the cars go by for over 2 hours. Video camera and two digital cameras in tow, we wore out the video camera battery and we took over 300 digital pictures (and we still didn't get them all...left before the whole parade ended too).

So, pretty satisified (and pretty sweaty), we head on home, discovering that both of us have sunburns. Mike worse than me, but oddly enough, I only got sun on my left leg and arm and on my face. The other side was spared (weird?!?!). And that was that. A very nice top off of a great weekend. Might get to posting some pictures here in the near future too. :)

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August 05, 2005

Country Music

I can't believe I'm admitting what I'm about to admit, much less writing a blog about it. I'll just start by saying that I don't consider myself to be a country music fan. Definitely not. Okay, maybe "pop" country, like the stuff that they play on popular or "adult contemporary" radio stations. Shania Twain...LeAnn Rimes...just can't fight the moonlight! While I don't have an absolute favorite singer/band, I'd say I generally like 80's stuff and maybe some 90's (U2 always works, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Gin Blossoms, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and so on).

But then I thought to myself that the majority of the concerts that I've been to have been country music! Oak Ridge Boys I remember being pretty excited to go to see as a kid. My college roommate Alyssa dragged me to the New West and Gotham to see Diamond Rio (not complaining, mind you). And later on, there was the girls-road trip with Gillianne, Cinda, Lydia and myself to Country Thunder, a giant 4 day concert complete with a campground full of RV's.

Okay, so why am I writing about this now? It's after midnight here, and I'm watching some extended TV commercial for a Time Life CD collection of like 3 decades of country hits. And I almost find myself wanting to buy it! I know the words to like 3/4 of the songs and I'm sure I'll be humming them to myself tomorrow in the lab!

And come to think about it too...I found myself getting slightly reminiscent when I saw the giant billboard advertising the Oak Ridge Boys concert (at one of the casinos in Reno...can't remember which casino it is since there's a whole mess of billboards that I pass by while cruising down 395).

Really now. Not a country music fan. I hope I never confuse myself with one.

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August 01, 2005

I Woke Up This Morning...

Just a random blog entry today methinks. So, yes, I woke up this morning. This is after technically going to bed this morning too and getting about 4 hours of sleep. A rather interesting sleep too, kind of hard to describe. It's one of those kinds of sleep where you wake up a couple of times, look over at the person sleeping next to you, sigh contentedly and doze off again. It gives the illusion that you actually don't go to sleep for an extended period of time, but you actually do. And I woke up relatively rested.

I am sitting at the airport in Las Vegas as I write this. Free wi-fi rocks. Anyhow, my flight from Reno to Tucson was this morning instead of last night, and I am grateful for those extra 12 hours it gave me with Mike. It was relaxing yesterday not to wake up and have the impending flight to Tucson only be a couple of hours away instead of another day away.

(And as I sit here, I am catching a whiff of that air freshener stuff that got tipped over and spread onto me...must have gotten onto the laptop too).

So I arrive in Las Vegas, look at the board for where my next flight is, and my flight number is this strange, striking red color. It is still saying that it is on time. (Okay, so maybe I'm not fully awake to pick up on this yet?) Then I realize it. The flights highlighted in red are at the B gates (Southwest is at the C gates, typically). Okay, now I just need to get there.

I know there's a tram/monorail like thing that takes people to the other gates or to the main terminal. But there was a sign that directed people to a shuttle right to the B gates. So I follow. And it leads me right out the door right next to the airplanes and onto this little shuttle bus. Vroom vroom and weaving right through the airplanes we go and it dumps us at the B gates alright. It was...interesting. You definitely feel small next to those airplanes, riding in a little tiny bus.

So back to Tucson I go. This week is more packing in preparation for the movers to come next Monday. And there my lab goes. Far far away to Houston.

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May 19, 2005

My Boss Is Leaving

I suppose the build-up of this news has been going on ever since we all got back from that meeting in California a month or so ago. My boss is leaving the university and moving to Houston. Yikes.

Like I said, we were all informed of the potential for him moving about a month ago, at which point he reassured most of us that he would be waiting for the university here to make a similar offer and also how bad Houston could potentially be (i.e...he'd rather stay in Arizona, but would be forced to move if he was given the shaft here). I never really, truly thought he would leave. In fact, I seem to recall a nightmare that I had a couple of years ago to that effect. Back then, it was much worse because I had just started graduate school.

But it came true this morning. He's leaving. Mid-September and he's out of here. Taking with him anyone who is willing to move to Houston with him. Ugh.

So in the time that people have had to ponder what would happen if he took the job in Houston (whether they'd go or find another job in Arizona), things have changed. I feel bad for those people in my lab who have to find new jobs. Those who have only been in the lab a relatively short time and those that it might be hard for them to find a similar job what they are currently doing. At the same time, it is an exciting opportunity for a few people anxious at a new start at a new place. My friend and labmate Nate even got married this past Tuesday just in preparation for moving to Houston!

As for me? I figured that when the news of a potential move came, that I'd be one with the least to lose. After all, I want to graduate like last winter, so him being gone would hurry that up! I have all of my worldly possessions in Reno anyhow, along with Mike and the cats. The news today just seemed so sudden, and I have to admit that I went into kind of a panic-hyper mode. It doesn't leave me much room for error to finish a PhD. There will be no lab space for me to do an experiment that I might want to finish. There will be no undertaking the same kind of projects.

Okay, so I just want to move to Reno. And at this point, I could care less if I have no job right this moment, and don't care if I have to get another small Uhaul truck to put the rest of my crap into to get it to Reno. As long as they, at some point, give me that PhD and so long as I'm there.

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March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I can tell by the color of the A on A mountain. It is green today. So that must mean it is St. Patrick's Day! Alright, so I knew it was before I saw the green A. It was just something of note, since the A (when I am able to see it) is usually red, white and blue.

I have to say that it is a rather uneventful St. Patrick's Day, at that. I'm just sitting here, watching basketball on television and eating my dippin' strips pizza from Pizza Hut. Tasty. And by the way...U of A won!

Well, there was some rather eventful (translation: big) news on the family front yesterday. I'll explain a little later, but many people I know already can figure out what I'm referring to. And, no, it doesn't directly involve me.

And that's about all I have to say. Going to Reno tomorrow night, so I'm rather excited about that too! Happy Thursday everyone!

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March 16, 2005

Wildflowers and Freeway Driving

I made my trip back from the airport in Phoenix on Monday, which was pretty much uneventful (it happened to be cheaper to fly from Reno to Phoenix that particular weekend). But I figured I'd do a blog entry on some things that I observed on this last trip as well as the time before driving back from Phoenix.

On the previous trip back, I noticed a disproportionate number of Cadillac's driving down the road at that time of day. We're not talking about the hip and modern yuppie type Caddy's...we're talking the luxury cruising automobiles aimed at the 65+ crowd. And the strange part was that they consistently passed me! Anyone who has ever driven with me knows that I go between 80 and 85 on the freeway between here and Phoenix. And yet...old folks mobiles were leaving me in the dust.

The other thing I noticed, particular to this past Monday, was the number of wildflowers in bloom. I don't ordinarily go looking specifically for wildflowers along the side of the road (I'm usually paying attention to...oh...driving?), but these were hard to miss. Yellow, orange, red, purple. Really pretty. And along with that recently, the flowers around the cancer center were in bloom too, making allergies worse, but at least it smells nice!

Well, that's about it. Just a couple of observations is all you get today!

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March 07, 2005

Where's Amy Been?

Suppose it has been a while (okay, so looking back, not THAT long) since I wrote anything of substance here. Yeah, the mesothelioma thing was kind of a test to see what kind of Google Ads I'd have linked.

Moving on...

That's pretty much what I've been doing. Moving. End of lease was the end of February. And apparently I had alot more that I hadn't done in the Uhaul trip than I realized. So I got a storage unit on the 1st of March. Shuttling stuff back and forth for the next couple of days, I had a deadline of moving out (for myself) of the 3rd. My flight left Tucson on the 3rd, which is why I needed to vacate and check out before then!

So that is done. I'm hauling around a bunch of crap in my car still, but with any luck, I'll sort it out and ship it or use the airlines to ship things for me!

As for the rest of the weekend? GREAT! Of course, every weekend with Mike is great! Got a terrific surprise of the Sims 2: University expansion when he picked me up from the airport! W00T! Not to mention that he surprised me with flowers the week before!

Yeah...Mike is awesome. That's why I love the guy. And why I miss him.

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February 28, 2005

Mesothelioma and Other Fun Cancer

Keeping in mind that this entry has little bearing on anything at all, I'm going to take a minute to discuss a particularly nasty type of cancer. Of course, all types of cancer are quite nasty, and I wouldn't want it myself.

Mesothelioma. It's a great word. Almost rolls right off of the tongue. It is, however, NOT a great type of cancer to get. It is a cancer of the mesothelium, which, for all those non-science types out there, is basically the connective tissue and diaphram in your abdomin (everything that isn't your intestines or other organs in there). It is a characteristic cancer linked to the use of asbestos. Particularly at high risk are those people who were asbestos workers and also smoked.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really. I said this before. I've given the short version of it. I've seen a section of mesothelioma when I took basic human pathology a couple of years ago. Nifty stuff. Not nifty enough to wish it on anyone though.

As a take home message, kiddies, don't touch the asbestos celings left over from the 60's and 70's. And don't smoke. That's just not good for you.

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February 18, 2005

Feeling Sorry for Myself

Well, it's not as extreme as it sounds, but I've been having one of those DOH kind of days/weeks. And I'm feeling rather selfishly sorry for myself. I'll explain.

Ever since moving to Sparks, NV, one month ago and starting the commute back and forth there every weekend, I've had something to look forward to. I'd been disappointed those first two weekends where my Friday-night flight had been canceled and I had to fly the next morning. But the past two weekends went off (nearly) without a hitch. This weekend, however, is graduate student recruiting weekend. That's part of the hitch.

I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to make it to Reno this weekend because of the aforementioned recruiting weekend. The price of airline tickets this particular weekend was a mild deterrant as well. So, half forgetting, I didn't book a flight for this weekend.

Now, as I also said, the price of flights was curiously high for this weekend. I wondered why, but didn't think too hard about it. Then I discover...duh...President's Day! It's a holiday that the university does NOT celebrate, so it kind of blows past me. However, Mike DOES get it off!

So as a recap, student recruiting weekend, Amy needs to stay in Tucson. Mike could have come, if we'd realized and gotten him a ticket to fly out Friday night and go back Monday night! Major...major...doh!

I feel a tiny bit lonely, even though I'll have internet company from Mike tonight. I just think I'm wallowing around in my own self-pity. (And really, people, I'm not like seriously depressed or overly sad...just feeling like I kicked my own ass with my own shoe after chewing on it a few times.)

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February 16, 2005

My Seven Years

I had the realization today that I have worked at the Arizona Cancer Center for exactly 7 years. of today. I started working there on February 16th, 1998. In fact, my realization came when one of my co-workers refered to me as "one of the ancient ones" still in the lab, and then asking how long I've worked there.

Just seems interesting to me. At this point, I suppose you could say I have the 7 year itch, in that I'm itching to get out of there and go on to other places...*cough*...Reno.

That's about all. Happy Anniversary to Me!

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Southwest Airlines - Good, Good and more Good

I don't think I praise the good doings of Southwest airlines quite enough, but I will now. The past few weeks have been difficult, with all sorts of weather delays. I'm pretty patient. I'm even patient when, twice now, I've had to fly the next morning and delay my arrival in Reno.

But this past Friday marked the mother of all weather delays. I checked in for my flight online earlier that morning, and all seemed well. Checking the status around lunch time, the flight from Tucson to Las Vegas was already 30 minutes late. In my experience, that's not been a good sign when it's already so far delayed, as it usually only gets more delayed. By 3pm, the time had shifted to being about 2 hours late! In fact, everything was late! So I called the airline to see whether I could get on the flight that left 3 1/2 hours prior. The lady wasn't sure, but said I could try going to the airport early to check. So I make haste back to my apartment and pack everything up and scoot down to the airport.

Upon arriving at the airport, I find that the scheduled 5:20 pm flight is now set to depart at 8pm. Ugh! But that would be fine, and luckily they give me a seat on that flight so I'd at least make the connection. When I get to Las Vegas, I check the boards and EVERYTHING...yes EVERYTHING is delayed by 3+ hours. There are 4 planes scheduled from Las Vegas to Reno that night that haven't left yet, so I get on a standby list (which everyone else is on too!). I got on the 2nd flight and ended up in Reno a little after midnight. If I had stayed on my original flight, chances are I wouldn't be in Reno until 2 or 3am easily.

So, I give kudos to Southwest for trying to get everyone on a flight and to their destination as close to on-time as they could. Air traffic control was keeping flights from landing in Las Vegas, seeing as how tons of aircraft landing all at once would clog up the gates. But Southwest filled up the flights as best they could so everyone could get where they were going. They were great.

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February 09, 2005

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Ever since the kitties moved up to Sparks with Mike, it has been rather lonely at the apartment in Tucson. It is amazing how much you miss the pitter-patter of tiny little feline paws when they aren't there to greet you when you get home from work. But it is even more amazing how I'm noticing all of the little creaks and squeaks of the apartment.

In fact, that's why I titled this post what I did. The first night "alone" here, I heard the floor creak a little bit. Knowing that no one was around to make that noise, it freaked me out a bit. When the cats were here, I never thought much about the noises, figuring that Ashley and Alexa were the cause.

And even when Ashley and Alexa were here, I somehow felt more secure, in kind of an irrational way. If I could hear them walking around, I knew that everything was okay. Whereas, if something was wrong (someone trying to get into my apartment...just an example), then they'd make a bunch of noise to go and hide. Anyhow, I just hear the creaks now, and not knowing where they come from is having the net effect of my adrenaline levels keeping me awake.

So I haven't been sleeping well, as you can kind of see. No cats curled up next to me. No Mike sleeping next to me, keeping me warm/cool, as the case might be. A not-so-comfortable futon to sleep on. And, of course, all of the weird noises.

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November 02, 2004

President John Kerry

Maybe I'm a little premature here, but I don't care. I won't hide who I plan to vote for in tomorrow's (today's...actually) election.

Yes...if all goes well, John Kerry will become the next president of the United States. Why is he getting my vote, you ask? I don't like Bush, for one. I didn't vote for him in the last election, and I am obviously not voting for him this time. But my personal views and dislike of the man aside, I'll give a few other reasons, some of which do not really reflect on my personal opinion of Bush.

My personal reasons for choosing Kerry over Bush are because of their differing policies. My views on certain issues such as jobs, rights for non-heterosexual couples, foreign policy and so on more closely reflect the "beliefs" of Kerry. Additionally, George Bush has had four years to show what he can do, and I believe he has left the country worse off than it was before he came to office.

So, having said that, I also believe it is the duty of every American to vote. Yeah, it sounds sort of cheesy, but if you don't vote, then you have nothing to complain about. I also believe it is the duty of every American to change what is wrong, or at least move towards change. And so that is what I am doing. Bush had his four years, he had his chance, and now it is time for someone else to give it a shot.

I'll end this by saying that I don't blame people like Michael Moore for making incidiary movies and comments for a particular political party (that is just one example). After IS the duty of Americans to speak out about what they see as a flaw in the system. If things like that make for a change, then they will have done their job.

Off the soap box I go.

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October 16, 2004


Finally got to actually fly on the same plane as Mike! At the same time even! And sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.

Okay, so I went up to MT for a wedding (good excuse, huh?) and the plan was for Mike to come back with me. I must say, it was the best return flight from Bozeman that I ever had.

Aside from that, I think I'm going to lay off drinking for a while. At least until I'm sure that I won't get sick again. It's not that I got sick from drinking, but rather I picked up a cold from Mike (I keep telling him it's not his fault...wish he'd believe me!) and the alcohol didn't help the situation. Sunday night I spent the better part of the night blowing my nose, coughing, dealing with a sore throat and just plain not being able to sleep. It sucked. I stayed home with Stat (Mike's cat) and found it easier to sleep on the couch, which Stat didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

As for the rest of the week, it was getting over that cold, the return to Tucson and just hanging out for the remainder of Mike's time here. And then the sad trip back to the airport to drop Mike off to go home. Sigh.

Anyhow, here's looking to November...and then December...then January...good things yet to come!

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September 25, 2004

Dreaming of the Sims...2

I don't think I've touched much on The Sims since I've started doing this blog thing. I'll start off by saying that I became quite addicted to the original Sims game the moment that it came out. I've faithfully bought each of the expansion packs as they came out (except for the last one...was waiting for the Sims 2).

So after at least a year of waiting it seems like, the game is finally out! The Sims 2 I mean. The date of release seemed to be different depending on where I checked it (September 17th on the Sims website...Amazon said the 14th...Target said the 16th...etc etc.). I finally managed to procure the game on the 15th at a Best Buy store that was halfway across town.

And I must is everything I wish the first Sims game had been! Outstanding!

Without going into much further detail about how great the game is and for what reasons, I give you some screenshots of one of the families that came to be in my game.


Needless to say...I've played the game for more time than is probably healthy and I do think about it alot. Haven't had any dreams about it yet...really...I'm not lying :)

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September 10, 2004


Yes...gecko...not Geico. I came home from work today, said my hello's to the cats and made my way to the bathroom. And just as I firmly plant on the throne, I spy this little creature crawling near the doorway. GECKO! Little tiny one at that! I've never had one in my apartment, and gecko's don't really phase me, but it was so cute!

So as I try to figure out what I'm going to do with said gecko (can't just let it go all over the apartment, y'know?), Ashley decides for me and promptly goes after it, trapping the poor thing with her paw. Oh yeah, and she managed to rip off it's tail too, which both her and Alexa played with for a couple of minutes while the tail was still squirming about like an inch worm. And while they did that, I ran to fetch a plastic container to escort the poor thing outside. Ashley almost thwarts my efforts to get it into the container, but I'm not quite sure at times whether it's still alive and kicking, since it isn't moving alot or trying to put up any sort of fight.

So I get the gecko into the plastic container. Lo and behold, sans tail, the little thing is alive. He's hangin onto the sides and moving about. Really nifty view of such a tiny gecko, who looks like he's so young that he's see thru almost! Neat to watch his little chest go in and out with each breath too.

But I don't know whether Ashley's damage to the little gecko was greater than I thought after his crawl around the plastic container. I checked on him every so often, and he seemed ok. But the last time I came to look at him, he was just clinging to the side of the container, not breathing. I picked up the container, and he fell off, on his back, not moving.

Perhaps the gecko was injured, perhaps he could't have stood life in captivity (I wasn't planning on keeping him, just wanted to make sure he was ok to go back outside before I released him). I feel bad.

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September 09, 2004

Invisible Diet Coke

As many people might know (or not...but who know now!), both Mike and I fly pretty frequently on Delta airlines. I know the route almost like the back of my hand. Flight 1549 from Bozeman to Salt Lake City. It's on a 737...and it's almost always full, and the flight itself is all of 45 minutes. So between the 3 flight attendants, they haul booty down the aisles so everyone can get their little cookies and "express service" drinks. Good deal. The other day I figured I'd save myself the agony of burning my mouth and tongue by chugging down coffee by just getting orange juice.

And then the next leg of the trip, the flight from SLC to Tucson. Bit longer flight, smaller plane (Canadair Regional Jet...seats like 50 people), and ONE flight attendant.

Now, I know it's sort of early, but the flight attendant was definitely on another planet. It started off with the flight attendant making several errors in her speech about airline safety. to space cadet. And then as she comes down the aisle with the beverage cart, I decide to go for the Diet Coke. Maybe it was the noise on the plane, or maybe it was some crazy delerium on the part of the flight attendant, but my Diet Coke morphed into this crazy invisible drink that I could neither taste or drink. Yep...even though she nodded and repeated back to me "Diet Coke, yes?", I received a glass of ice.

And with that she sped down the aisle, me left with my ice, and hoping she'd come back! I needed caffeine, otherwise it's likely I wouldn't be so demanding. Anyhow, most flight attendants on these small flights come back down the aisle and ask if there's anything more we want to drink. Nope...sped right past. And fairly soon after, she came down the aisle, where I kind of pleadingly asked for something to drink. Hey, I'm really not that much of a complainer, and at that point I would have taken bottled water if it was easier to fetch. But, kindly enough, she got me a whole can of Diet Coke...much appreciated.

I know the whole business of being a flight attendant isn't always easy, but neither is any job. I figure the space cadet syndrome might be more widespread than just this case, but it just stuck out in my mind. Crazy.

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August 11, 2004

The Rest of the Trip

I figured that I'd separate the whole experience of attempting to see "The Villiage" from everything good that weekend... :)

So while the movie thing Friday was a bust, we ended up renting "Hidalgo" and "13 going on 30." Definitely not a bust. Got up early Saturday morning to go to a breakfast place (that we'd not gotten up early enough in the past to do) and had some faboo french toast.'s still in my mind, if you can't tell. Then we made the 3 hour drive to Great Falls, the intention of going to the last day of the state fair. So we went to see the shortest river ever, and the giant springs and out to see Mike's grandma. After grazing at the buffet a little too much, we hit the fair and got to see all the cows n horses n chickens n other miscellaneous farm animals. Went on some rides (mental note: eating alot and going on rides....bad...) and it was time to head back home.

Sunday we got to sleep in and rest up and got up around noon to make a really really good breakfast. During which time we tried to arrange the floating trip, which eventually did succeed, even with just the two of us. So having said that, I made my first river floating trip down the Madison River (having never floating down any river before). It was lots of fun, nice and relaxing, but towards the end when my tube had been slow leaking it just proved to make us get stuck on rocks and plants and things...and that wasn't fun.

Deciding to lazy out of cooking dinner that night we ordered pizza and watched one of the rented movies.

Monday came and Mike went to work for half the day, afterwards we went hiking up the 'M' again (my 2nd time going to the top of it). And that night we didn't lazy out on dinner. We had some awesome steak, corn on the cob, baked potatos and some wine. Okay, so the baked potato could have been cooked longer, but it still was pretty good. And after that, we went out to see some of Mike's friends and their new kitten!

So, it was time to go back to AZ on Tuesday. Had a pretty decent flight, if the flight home can be called that, and it was back to work again. Just a few more months...just a few more months... :)

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August 10, 2004

The Villiage...Idiot

Well...we made the attempt to see "The Villiage" on Friday afternoon. It was at the crappier of the two theaters in Bozeman, but hey, take what you can get. But I suppose crappy is an understatement, since about halfway through the previews, strange things started to happen. There was something seriously wrong with the sound, only being able to hear the music part of the track, but no voices. It seemed to come back for a while...but soon after the previews were done and the movie started...again, no voices! It was VERY irritating to say the least, and despite several people getting up and going to tell the movie theater people, nothing really got fixed. So everyone got up and left, and someone was standing at the door with a stack of $5 bills ready to give everyone a refund.


I guess what adds insult to injury is that this theater had been having problems for quite a while (as I heard from several random people in different places), but they didn't even bother to warn us before we wasted our time.

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August 02, 2004

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Hey, had to put the obligatory happy birthday message in here, since I put the annoucement of my own birthday in my blog back in April.

So what more is there to say. Other than...sniff...I'm not there! Which means that his birthday this year will be like one of those famous people's birthdays that we celebrate as holidays...we have Columbus Day...and Columbus Day (observed). Officially then, I proclaim this Thursday as..."Mike's Birthday (observed)"

Whelp, I'll say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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July 14, 2004

All Clouds Come from Yellowstone

Or at least the ones in Montana and Wyoming do. That's my theory. When Old Faithful and all of his buddies put off that steam, it goes right up into the air to make clouds which dump rain at strange times there.

Alright, so I'm back from my 10 night/11 day excursion to Montana. Of course the purpose was to visit Mike, but also to get in some quality time at couple of the National Parks. The 4th of July weekend took us to Glacier, which I can't recall standing in snow on the 4th (in America at least) or being bundled up to watch fireworks. Which, by the way, the fireworks were absolutely spectacular, in part due to the clouds and little bit of rain that was slowly soaking us.

(Pictures are here)

Another happy point to my weekend was seeing and holding kittens at Mike's parent's house. I love kittens...and these were too cute! On our way back from that, we stopped at the Gates of the Mountains to do the boat tour, which was great too.

And last but not least, to Yellowstone Park. Another high/happy point when I saw my first (and second, third, etc) buffalo! I was just all too excited to spot them, and keep spotting them ever closer to the road/car. Saw lots of elk and deer and things like that, along with the geysers, hot mud pots, bacteria mats, etc.

(Pictures are here)

I was very sad to go, as always. But I know I'll be back soon!

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June 13, 2004

Another Case of the Sickies

Ugh...I hate being sick. I guess forutnately this time it seems like I recovered pretty well, and didn't linger too long.

Anyhow, went to bed Thursday night with my tummy not feeling "quite right." Hey, I don't have the best diet in the world, these things don't usually phase me. So I go to bed and read for a while (finished the end of the 2nd Harry Potter book) and dozed off. I wake up a while later feeling like I'm going to throw up, which I do in pretty short order. So I down some water and juice and crawl back into bed, only to repeat the above a couple more times before morning hits.

Good news at that point was that I had stopped throwing up or having the urge to do so. Bad news is that it kind of wiped all the energy from me, so I felt like I was going to pass out if I stood up for too long. Also bad was the fact that I had a matching headache, chills/cold sweats and that pins-n-needles feeling all over my skin. So even though I tried to sleep during the day, I didn't get more than 2 hour bursts at a time.

And with that, I finally took some Tylenol that I found in my stash (I'm usually an Advil junkie, but I figured that might just encourage more puking) and that took away some of the pain, let me sleep, and made me safe to drive out to the store to buy more and get some soup to eat.

Well, by the end of the night, I was doing alright when Mike called (I think I was just happy to hear from him!), but I was starting to fade out by about 10:30 or so. And, low and behold, I got a straight 6 hours worth of sleep after that...felt pretty good when I woke up to use the bathroom, and then I slept another 6 hours and felt even better.

I really don't recommend this bug to anyone out really sucks.

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June 10, 2004

Harry Potter and Too Many Previews

Went to see the 3rd Harry Potter movie last night. And I'll preface this by saying that I've recently started reading the books. The 3rd book was the one I read first (yes, I know, out of order), and so far I think it's pretty much my favorite.

I went to the 8:45pm showing, getting to the movie theater at 8:38 and having the perfect amount of time to get my ticket, a small bag of popcorn and find a good seat in the theater. It wasn't crowded at all, but again, it was a Tuesday night. And at precisely 8:45, the previews start.

Argh...if they put one more preview on before the movie I think I would have screamed. And it wasn't just that there were alot of previews that never seemed to end, but they were mostly for really lame movies. I thought they typically played previews/trailers that might pertain to the interest of the crowd watching the movie (i.e. you don't see a preview for a gruesome horror movie during a disney cartoon movie for kids).

Movie starts...and I understand in the interest of keeping a 500+ page book about a 2 hour movie, things get cut. And the order of events gets changed around a little. I can deal with that. The movie was pretty good, and things seemed to flow and come together like they did in the book, but I still felt like there were a few places where I might have been confused if I hadn't read the book. Most notable was the deal surrounding the Marauder's Map (I'm not really giving away any of the movie/story...hehehe).

But, like I said, all in all, a decent movie. I'd recommend it to other people for sure.

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May 24, 2004

Quizilla Time Again

Teehee...did another quizilla quiz (I have a habit of doing these alot, huh?) But, regardless, I found the result funny and somewhat unexpected.

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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May 13, 2004

Time Distortions

I'm still kind of tripping out a little bit from this...

I've noticed that whenever I'm away from home that time works differently. Or even more specifically, time gets distorted immediately preceeding and immediately following the time I'm away.

What do I mean by all of this? It seems like time slows down right before I'm supposed to leave. I keep looking at the clock, knowing that I can leave work at a certain time, but an hour seems like 10! And finally the time comes, and it's time for me to leave! Yay! The day and time have arrived!

And then after a few fun-filled days (like this weekend), it's time to go home. At which point, for me, time goes all crazy, wanting to get the most out of the last few moments before needing to leave. It goes goes slow...

Finally, I'm back at home. Once again, strange time things happen. While I might have been somewhere a mere 3 hours before, it seems like weeks or months since I was. 3 hours stretch into 3 months? Weird.

It takes a few days before things go back to normal in my mind, but it is still hard for my mind to realize that it was only a short time ago that I was away...

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April 28, 2004


Before I went to Reno earlier this month, I bought the book Disclosure by Michael Crichton. It looked sort of interesting in the airport bookstore place, given that it had a computer and keyboard and stuff on the cover, and the back said that it took place in a high-tech company. So the book was good, it had it's moments of "WOAH!" in my mind, in terms of being graphic and descriptive, but I plowed through it.

Then we rented the movie (little did I know that there was a movie by the same name, based on the book, starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore). I fell asleep midway into the movie, partly due to fatigue, and partly because of the cheesy music.

So I know that the book is usually better than the movie, and there are things that change to make it work, but some of these things were ridiculous. First of all, Demi Moore starring as the lady who sexually harrasses Michael Douglas' character. In the book, it describes her as being blonde, among other things, but it's just not a role I saw her in. Okay, so that wasn't entirely bad. But then there's another minor character who, in the book, is small, barely 5 feet tall, kind of nerdish. So they get Suzie Plakson, who is like 6 feet tall to play that lady.

I think the book did a much better of describing each of the clues and minute to minute detail of everything that went on, but, again, can't make a movie to the exact standard of a book. Oh well. Was interesting to see it, nonetheless.

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April 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep...this year I share my birthday with the Easter Bunny, but I still get one year older all the same...

This year, I think that I'm not so much afraid of turning another year older, at least as much as I had dreaded it the past few years. In years past, I had always felt a little disappointed that I hadn't achieved what I thought I would in the previous year. And while there are certain things I thought I would have liked to have had happen by the time I reached this birthday, certain things I would have liked to have completed. But the things I have done in the past year have been good too...*grin*...

Today has been restful...almost slow...not much interesting going on this particular day. But that is fine too. I don't have to do everything on the exact day, and I look forward to other things to come at a later time!

So...I'm sort of out of things to say. Another birthday...another year down. Another year to make even better! Happy Birthday to me...and Happy Easter!

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March 23, 2004

Mountain Dew Points

I'm collecting points off of Mountain Dew bottles/12 packs/whatever to get the Dew Gear. I've done this sort of stuff in the past, collecting Pepsi caps, redeeming like 50 points for the Jumanji DVD.

So, yeah, I am a geek, a caffeine addict, and I drink alot of Mountain Dew (specifically the diet variety). But exactly how much should I be willing to buy/drink in order to get something with a little logo on it? I figure I go through at least 1 20oz bottle a day, on top of a 12 pack of cans. A couple times a week I might hit the 2nd 20oz bottle, so I figure I can get about 10 points a week.

And now for the shameless, self-serving moment. If anyone reads this, and has a point code that they don't want...would you be nice enough to e-mail me the code to add to my points? I'd much appreciate it, and if you need a kidney or anything, I might be inclined to loan you one of mine if the type matched and all. (Please email to

If no one has any points they want to give to me...that's okay too. Hopefully I can drink my way to some piece of Mountain Dew logo merchandise.

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March 09, 2004

Everlasting Gobstoppers

HA! Is it just me, or is the "everlasting" part of Gobstoppers become sort of a misnomer?

Don't get me wrong, I love Gobstoppers. I was fascinated as a kid with them, changing colors and flavors several times as you sucked on them and all. Recently, however, I think that particular candy is about as far from everlasting as any other hard candy.

I bought a box of Gobstoppers at the store the other day. I've gotten into the bad habit over the years of potentially causing major damage to my teeth by chomping into them and chewing them up before they were completely/mostly dissolved. In any case, the first thing I noticed with this particular box was that the candy pieces seemed smaller in general.

So there I go...pop a few in my mouth...crunch's time to eat a few more. And then I'm on a quick sugar high. It seems too easy to crunch into them. No challenge.

Today I was bored for a few minutes so I took a look at the box. There's a picture on the front of a little Gobstopper with a wedge cut out of it, so you could see what colors were inside of it (i.e. the colors that it would eventually turn over time). Looks like it's supposed to change colors 3 or 4 times before reaching the tart center.


Bit into my gobstopper...saw two layers before the center...

Also tried sucking on it, as the candy is intended...yep...two orange Gobstopper went from orange to yellow to the tart center...

Ah well...such is life I guess...

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February 09, 2004

New bed and mischieveous kitties

So I've been wanting to get a new/bigger bed for quite a while. Not that there is anything wrong with the twin sized bed that I have had for the past few years. Well, okay, the only thing "wrong" is that it is too small and I keep kicking the kitties when they sleep with me at night...yeah...that's it...

Anyway, so I go out and buy a queen mattress n bed frame and all that good stuff on Saturday. It get's delivered, and, I must say, this thing weighs a ton! Must weigh at least as much as I do, if not more. So I set to work taking apart my old bed and moving it to the other bedroom and then assmbling the bedframe and positioning the new mattress on it. Whew, alot of work. But everything is all good to go, and the bed is ready for being slept on.

So I expected my little kitties to be up in the bed with me that night, since there's all that space for them now. But I don't know if they did come up there on the bed with me at all since I slept so well through the night. Until I hear a little pawing noise coming from under the bed. I look under, expecting to just see the both of them lounging under there (usually have alot of stuff under my other bed, so they didn't go under much).

Instead, I see two blobs coming down from the box springs. GAH! Little devil's had somehow pulled down a bit of the cloth cover and crawled into there! They loved it, thought it was a nifty hiding spot and probably a pretty cozy hammock.

Ah well...

But at least I learned that I'm not the only one who has cats who have done this. For now, I guess I'll have to live with it!

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January 26, 2004

Buh-bye dialup modem!

WOOHOO! today is an exciting day for me! Lots of reasons, but I'll start with the first.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Shall I dance now, or dance later?

Dialup was killing me, and considering I got that new Dell computer and all a couple months ago, I figured that a not-even-resembling a 56K connection was doing it justice. So I sprung for cable.

It's FAST! I only had a chance to play with it a little this morning before scurrying off to work...but it was very very nice. I just need to hook it into the wireless router and that will make everything that much better!

Two laptops...two desktops...all on that fast is just this good...

Alrighty, will write more later! HAPPY MONDAY!

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December 18, 2003

Survivor and Things

Thought I'd take the time to yammer a bit about Survivor. Yes, I'm the reality TV junkie, but Survivor was the first one that started it all off for me.

Now, having had a few days to dwell over the end to the latest Survivor (Pearl Islands), I have to say it was one of the most satisfying endings. Okay, so I was rooting for Richard Hatch in the first Survivor as well, but for some reason, I thought that this time around, kind of an underdog really took it.

I'm sorry, but I didn't like Lill very much. Yeah she was a nice lady and all, but I just didn't think she had it. I HATED JON! He needed to just...go. Very satisfying that he didn't get even the 2nd prize or even have a shot at #1. That was happy moment 1...when he was voted off.

Now...originally I had thought maybe Darrah could have pulled it off. I didn't care much for her in the beginning, but she sorta grew on me. There's advantages to being small, I suppose.

In the end, I half wished that the girls would have gone 1-2-3, but alas, that was not the case. Heck, I wish the girls would have gotten wise and voted the guys out a LONG time ago!

Well, with that said, I can't wait for the "celebrity" type Survivor. Should be interesting who they put against each other.

Happy Holidays!

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December 06, 2003

New Computer!

Yay! It finally arrived!

Okay, so what is this crazy chick talkin about? My new computer, of course. So, I ordered a new computer from Dell around the 20th of October. I was expecting to get it around Halloween, which was okay. Sure, I was in a rush because I wanted a computer at home that was able to run There, and my current laptop was unable to do so, by a long shot.

Well, it was shipped and due for a delivery around then. Unfortunately, either American Package Express or the US Postal Service doesn't know their @$$ from a hole in the wall, and it ended up at some sorting center in Bell, CA. If I wouldn't have been tracking the thing online and started to question when it was going to be delivered, I would never have known. Apparently, that computer is still there. Go figure.

So after alot of calling around to all 3 parties (USPS, APX and Dell), a person at Dell told me they would sent out a new computer to replace the lost one. Yay! Unfortunately, it took them a little while to process it and I just now have it in my possession. Actually, it came on Wednesday...but hey, so much to do on my new computer!

Oh, so in other news as well, I was hippity hoppitying along home on Thursday afternoon when I dialed in to a local radio station. Was the first caller, answered the little "pop culture trivia" question correctly, so I win a DVD of "Treasure Island." Wow, go me!

Well, that's all. I'd go into more specifics about my computer and all, but I'd rather play on it than talk about it. Laters!

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December 02, 2003

Thanksgiving and Things

So once again, I find myself not writing any entries for a while. Instead of trying to dredge up all of the things I've been up to or thought or otherwise in the past month, I figure I'll just start with Thanksgiving.

I drove up to my parent's house on Wednesday afternoon/early evening. Was happily surprised that the newly opened stretch of the 202 loop goes ultra close to my parent's house. Best yet, there is an interchange off of I-10, so I don't need to get off the freeway until within 1/4 of a mile from my parents.

Ate dinner, watched Survivor (VERY ANGERING THIS WEEK!) and Finding Nemo while I was online playing Civ 3: PTW.

Thursday is Turkey Day! We (parents and I) head over to where my grandmother and aunt live and hang out with them for a little while. My sister, Tracy, and her fiancee, Josh, live up in Glendale, closer to my aunt/grandmother, so my parents figured we'd all go together/follow each other. So, we head out at around 3pm (the time Tracy told us to show up), and we're like the first one's there. Not long after, the masses from Josh's family start showing up. Ooooooosh!

Anyway, I was introduced or had to say my name about a billion times. Seeing as how I was one of the very few under age 30 there, it didn't take long for people to even guess how I was related to Tracy. Although the majority made the mistake of thinking I was her younger sister (wha??) and a few more kept insisting how much we look alike (NOT!)

Had a great dinner, filled up just the right amount, had dessert and all that stuff and before I knew it, it was time to leave. I was ready to go after I had fielded tons of questions regarding why I am not married yet (heh...yay) and why I am still in school. People are naturally curious, I suppose, but those two subjects kind of hit sore spots on me, even if not intended.

So back home it was for the night. I crashed out, knowing full well there was no way I was getting up to go shopping early the next morning. Got up at a relatively leisurely time, went out to breakfast with my parents and went shopping at Sam's Club. Dinner consisted of pizza (from Sam's) which was of note because it had bacon on it...was rather tasty. It had pepperoni and sausage on it too, but the bacon really made my day.

The rest of the weekend finished out with going shopping with my mom again on Saturday, followed by goin to the casino with my parents Sunday morning before going back to my home, and my kitties, on Sunday afternoon.

So that's my Thanksgiving weekend in all it's glory.

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November 06, 2003

Average Joe

Oh my, I don't know why I'm writing about this, but I am. Haven't written in a while, so I figure this is a good place to start again?

In any case, I think I've sunk to a new low with my growing addiction to "reality television." Sure, for me, it started a few years ago with Survivor. Then came the Amazing Race and the Mole. Now it's grown to where I'll actually tune into like..."The Bachelor/ette" and "Meet My Folks" and "Who wants to Marry My Dad" The first few I consider no worse than a game show, but the games? Yow...

So that was just my preface to my new all time low...The Average Joe. I just happened to catch it as I was flipping channels Monday night. I soon realized how lame and almost comical it was. This very attractive woman goes to live at this beautiful house knowing that she'll be participating in some kind of "The Bachelorette" type dating game. 16 guys to choose from. Of course, in television land, the 16 choices are typically pretty good looking in their own right. Everyone is attracted to everyone else, and so it goes.

Well, I don't know if this was played up to be shallow or not, but...I don't know what this woman expected. That she is so attractive herself, that she deserves to have only attractive men? The fact that she dwells on how excited she is to meet 16 hunky guys makes me wonder how shallow she actually is! So I was just waiting for the tables to be turned when the 16 "Average Joe's" show up. SURPRISE!

I honestly don't know who is the butt of the joke in this case. The first half of the show was showing her pondering out loud about what these men would be like. On the men's side, they were just getting settled in their new quarters for a while and getting to know each other. They all obviously knew that they weren't picked for their appearance, but that doesn't mean that they weren't taken advantage of.

And after all of that build up, the moment finally arrives where the woman meets the guys. I must say, it was a bit over done, and you were just dying to see the look on the woman's face when she realizes she isn't getting 16 male models. To make matters worse, I heard that in the making of the show, she actually ran off screaming and had to be coaxed back to the set to continue. Now who is really shallow?

Well, the show went just like you'd expect, 4 guys had to be kicked off. But if anything, regardless of the lameness of going to find your "true love" in a panel of 16 guys on national television, it is an interesting view into human nature.

And if anything, the guy's were good sports. If the show is taking advantage of them, then they should have had the wits about them to have not gone on the show in the first place. But if they aren't being taken advantage of, and just want to have fun with something like this, then party on!

That's all.

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October 06, 2003

Words I don't like

I had a realization a while back that there are certain words that just...bug me. I don't like hearing them, and I try, if possible not to say them. Word 1: Clot. Word 2: Smeg. Well, smeg isn't something people generally go around saying, but I hear the world clot enough, and it isn't like an obscene word or anything.

That word...hearing it...having it process in my is almost as bad as hearing the sound of metal against metal, or biting into metal or something. SHUDDER!

Well, is that all I have to say? Yeah, for now. I am tired and I need a nap, I think. Time to read Chapter 28...

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September 23, 2003


Mmm...saw the movie Solaris over the weekend, and while I must say it was quite trippy, and it left me with a "huh?" also left me with a "Mmm..George Clooney" feeling too.

I'm just glad I rented it the DVD rather than actually spend $15 on buying it.

So what else is new...I had a blood draw today and I was actually a little surprised at the bruise I got. It was puffy! And purple and blue like most other bruises, of course. But I guess during the actual draw, I was just so excited when I finally saw blood filling the vacutainer that I didn't realize what the nurse had done to get it. It was a dry stick, and then she moved it to the side a bit and into the vein.

Oh...and it rained today! Yeah, it's not a hurricaine, but its the blow out from the "Tropical Depression" blowing down near Puerto Penasco today. It was odd for me, seeing as how I'd rather be outside than inside. The air conditioning in nearly every building made things very very cold after I had been out getting damp. Cold cold cold.

So, now that I'm finishing this off, I hafta give snaps or kudos or noogies or something to Highway...

Go here for one...or something else with that cool logo on it... :)

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September 19, 2003

Army Men!

I just thought I'd tack this little thing up here...just because I'm bored and want to post something right now.

So, after being given a url to a particular game, I clicked off of that one, and the makers of the game also make this one called Army Men, and every variation of thereof. I click on the link to check it out (heard about it from a few people who wanted to take delight in blowing up little plastic green army men).

Enough's the site...

Well, okay, I just brought that site up as I was typing it out, and the whole reason that I wanted to post it was because when I first looked at it, there was a picture of a green plastic army girl with big boobs hangin out. And I was wondering whether the game manufacturers were trying to get women to play it? Or target it to an older (teenage boys and on up) audience. But now I see that when I hit refresh, it changes...hmph! Now I need to find that green chick!

Here we go...

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September 15, 2003

Big Sigh

I hafta say, some nights sitting around, by myself, makes me feel really lonely. I'm not really even sure that if someone were here with me that I would feel any less lonely.

So why am I going off about this right now, at 10:30 at night? Can't say. I'm kind of tired and cranky and feeling as though I should be crying my eyes out for no reason. I'm probably PMS'ing something fierce, which brings to the surface all sorts of weird mood swings. I hate being hormonal. I hate that there isn't anything to do but just ride things out. I hate looking back after everything has cleared out of my system and not quite understanding why I felt the way I did.

Well, otherwise, I think today was good. I finished a small project I'd been working on at work today, and everything went pretty smoothly and I was able to focus and concentrate on things. A definite improvement over my bouts of lack of concentration recently. Worked right through lunch too, strangely enough. Got McDonalds after work and around 8pm tonight, I realized that, damn, the only things I have eatten today have been a double cheese burger, fries and a nutragrain bar at breakfast time!

Time for another big sigh. Might watch Leno for a while before I head off to bed. I'm feeling like I need to cry, and I don't know why...big sigh...

Okay, so as a little addition to my entry here...I'll put up the latest quizilla thing...

You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

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September 13, 2003

Dangers of Walmart

Today I took my weekly trip to Walmart to do the shopping for odds n ends that are way cheaper there than most other places, so it makes sense for me to go. Now, since once you get into the store, there are all sorts of goodies there, I have mastered the art of resisting the impulse buy. Okay, so I do impulse buy, but whatever.

I have figured out that to cut down on the impulse buying as well as to get in and out of there and maneuver the aisles in the quickest amount of time, that I do not get a shopping cart (unless it is my intent to buy something really large that I can't carry). Anyway, I figure it limits me to buying only what I can carry in my arms, and usually it works pretty well.

So today, I set out to buy some pillows and a blanket because my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks. (I have pillows n things, but they were/are getting kind of old, or they aren't strictly bedpillows, or just, I need new ones). So I'm carrying the pillows and the blanket and the only thing left to get was some canned cat food. So I trudge down the cat food aisle and see that it is more economical to buy the 12 pack than just individual cans (and they have the kind the kitties like...hehehe). So I think I can carry all of that, seeing as how it isn't very heavy, just a slightly bit awkward. When out of the blue, sort of, a friendly and apparently efficient Walmart employee offers me a shopping cart. Oh sure, who am I to refuse! So I thank him, put my stuff in the cart, and think to myself that it gives me a bit more freedom to go looking about.

Oh yeah, that shopping cart opened up all sorts of doors. Damn. So I wander over to the aisle where they have the dishes n baking stuff n whatever. Oh gee, this time they HAVE something that matches my Corelle pattern, and of course, its like half the price to buy it at Walmart than if I were to buy it at the Corelle store. So I have to get this new set of baking dishes. Oh yeah, why not get some cheap canned goods as well.

So, eesh, look at what happened when I got that shopping cart! I spent probably twice what I had intended, but, I guess in my defense, it was things that I needed and they will go to good use.

On another really really stupid note, I always get a kick out of when the odometer in my car reads some kind of patterny number. Maybe not a pattern always, but something of significance too sometimes. Like when my car hit 41177 miles (my date of birth) I just got home, my car was at 65656 miles...teehee...

I'm so weird :)

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September 11, 2003

Cwazy Cats cats are certifiable...

Just as a background, when I adopted Ashley and Alexa as kittens, at 8 weeks and 14 weeks old, respectively, I think perhaps that Ashley had been weened from her mother too early or something. As soon as she started "liking" Alexa, Ashley tried nursing on Alexa. She'd suck her belly, purr, and do the treading/kneading thing on Alexa's belly. Now, Alexa put up with this, and who knows why, but it seemed like she grew out of it after a month or two.

So it was kind of strange recently when I found Ashley trying to nurse on HERSELF. She makes all the sucking noises, purring, treading, the whole nine-yards. She's targeting her own nipples, and they seem to be protruding more so than typical. Very very strange indeed! This has been going on more and more often since this weekend, and I'm not quite sure what to do or if I should do anything at all. Ashley seems really happy...*shrug*

So then Alexa seems to have been getting a more playful streak in her, and she must have also recently found out that her own tail makes a wonderful playtoy. She's been chasing it around, stalking it, and trying to pounce on it. Weird, but not quite as weird as Ashley I guess.

Well, I'll leave with the vital stats again, since I haven't done that in a while.

As if 2:04pm, Arizona Time

I have consumed:

1 12 oz can + a few sips of a bottle of DMD
Some blueberries n strawberries
A custard filled donut w/ chocolate icing on top
1/2 bagel with cream cheese
Medium bowl of soup (Chicken noodle mixed with cheddar broccoli)
1 bag of Salt n Vinegar potato chips


Red t-shirt
Blue denim shorts
Brown flip-flop type shoes
Hair down, no scrunchie today :)

Song playing:

Nina Gordon-Tonight and Rest of My Life

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September 07, 2003


Whee hee! I got my hair cut...

It always seems like a chore for me to do so, for some reason, but after it's done, I love the way my hair feels and smells and everything. It's great.

But one thing I find funny is how silly I look getting a haircut when my hair is parted straight down the middle. I likened myself to a cupie doll today for some reason. Bah...random thought there is all... :)

So onto other things, I have been on a bit of a baking kick as of late. And then I don't want to EAT most of the stuff I make after I'm done. Very strange. So first it was making soft pretzils. Man, those are a PAIN to make, not in terms of making the dough part or even making them. It's twisting them into pretzil shapes that is the pain! You have to roll out like a 3 foot long snakie thing in order to twist it into something resembling a pretzil. So, after making some very weak looking pretzils, I gave up and started making pretzil balls. Very tasty, and I sampled a bunch of them with a variety of sprinkled on stuff (cinnamon sugar, parmesan and garlic, and dipped in tomato sauce too...not all of those at the same time of course).

Then my next thing has been with making muffins, since i bought these adorable little non-stick pans that are in the shape of hearts, and I got a little set of mini-muffin pans too (I only have a set of regular muffin pans that I got from my mom when I moved into an apartment...woohoo!). Then last night I went and made the cherry cobbler...oosh...nummy.

Now I have an urge to make jello-shots...I know that isn't baking anything, but I just got an urge to make 'em for some reason (AND! I have this cute little jello mold thing that makes like a bazillion jelly bean sized jello-bits...hehehe)

Well, having said that, I feel like today has gone buy so ultra fast and I have only really gotten one thing crossed off of my list of things to do. Big sigh...but oh well.

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August 30, 2003

Warm Rain

I don't know why I decided to just start off talking about the rain again, but here goes. So I'm sitting in my living room after finishing up some cleaning for the day when I swear that outside I can hear rain coming down. But it is all sunny and bright, and all I see out the window are white puffy clouds. And my window isn't wet.

So I look outside down below, and low and behold, it is raining. Going outside to investigate, the clouds are still white and puffy, the sun is shining and a nice warm rain is coming down. I don't know why, but that just cheered me up for some reason.

Anyhow, a few other odds and ends to add to the mix here. I went for a walk in the canyon last night around sunset. It is kind of a habit of mine to look where I walk when I am there, and luckily I did, because on the main road was a baby rattlesnake that I almost stepped on! My foot was about 2 inches away from the little thing, and luckily I realized it, hopped and ducked out of its way. That isn't to say it would have bitten me or anything, but still, I wouldn't have wanted to be kickin around a snake.

After that, I came upon another older couple who said they saw a bigger rattlesnake further down on the side of the road. So, I took that as my clue and turned back, a little overly paranoid that I'd run into another desert creature.

And on to a silly little oopsie from a few days ago. I had my curling iron on the bathroom counter when I leaned over to look closer into the mirror over the sink...sizzle sizzle...and next thing I know, I come within an inch of burnin my cookiez! I have a little burn mark on my thigh right now, just a reminder to mind where hot appliances are at all times!

Other than that, a pretty uneventful start to the long weekend...might get up a bit more motivation to tackle the job of cleaning out my bedroom closet now!

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August 26, 2003

Soaking Wet

This is starting to get really old. I know rain is good around here, but so much of it in such a short amount of time, and every day, gets really old.

So today, I'm thinking, yeah, I can manage to duck out of the rain. I've left work when the weather has been way worse looking and made it home before the storm hit. Nope. Today I left work, was spattering rain when I'm leaving the parking lot. Ran to the post office, doesn't appear any worse. Right as I'm leaving...I look outside, I look at my car, and make a mad dash. Five seconds out in the rain, I become the new wet t-shirt contest winner. Yes, my car got wet inside and out.

Also, I found the joy of hydroplaining and more fun with flooding streets. Maybe that wasn't the worst of it, but rather that you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you because the rain was coming down so hard, or maybe that the wipers on my car were doing very little good because they couldn't swish the rain off fast enough.'s me, after I got home...

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August 22, 2003

Erm yeah...virtual model...

Here's the virtual model that was created, supposedly in my likeness...

What do ya think? :)

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August 21, 2003 I'm a 3rd year now!)

Hrm...I came to the realization the other day that school starts on Monday...*sigh*...

Well, it doesn't come as that big of a shock, considering school starts around this time of year every year! And in all actuality, it isn't as though I have to put a whole lot of work into classes, considering the only "classes" I have to take are research time, lab meeting, and student colloquium. Student colloquium being the only thing that I need to prep for a little bit every week, and get ready to do a talk in mid October.

Aside from that, yesterday we had a "meet the new students" thingy yesterday and did all of that stuff. I'm mentoring one of the incoming grad students, but, um, I'm stupid and don't remember which one!

In any case, it still seems like kind of a bummer to have school start up again. It seems like the summer just started, and I must say I had, for the most part, a most excellent summer, despite a few bumps in the road. Perhaps I'm not so much sad about it ending, but more that I didn't get some of the things done that I wanted to. And other things...well...they were done...

Still feel like I need to extend the summer, which is why I'm contimplating an early fall trip...somewhere...don't know where yet.

Alrighty...the stats...

As of 12:05pm, Arizona Time

Weight: 110-115lbs

Food Consumed:

1 apple oatmeal cereal bar
1/2 bagel w/ plain cream cheese
1 can diet vanilla pepsi


Navy blue "cocktail" dress...hehehe

Song Playing:

Sk8tr Boi-Avril Lavigne

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August 16, 2003

Alexa's Big Night Out

I am such a horrible cat-mommy. I found Alexa curled up in the corner of the landing on the stairs. Poor little thing had been out all night.

Now...I am not entirely sure how I locked her out, but I seem to recall this series of events. So I came home from seeing American Wedding last night and of course, Ashley gets antsy after a while and wants to be let outside so she can roll around for a bit. So I open the door, both prance outside for a while and I go and do a few things in the living room, checking on them every minute or so.

Well, while they were staying close to the door, something must have spooked them and I see a ball of fur go flying by me in the living room and towards my bedroom (their favorite place to hide when they get scared). And, since Alexa is usually the most skiddish and scared, I assumed that when I saw the furrball go flying by, that it was both of them.

Looking outside, I don't see any kitties to confirm that and I shut the door and go to bed.

So, Alexa must have really bolted down the stairs or something, because I didn't see her anywhere, and didn't notice she was gone until late this morning!

Woe is me!

So anyhow, after being outside for so long, I let Alexa back in, and Ashley hisses at her! Like, sheesh Ash, its not like you haven't lived with Alexa for the past 2 years you silly cat. So, now, even hours later, Ashley is still hissing and growling, and it is getting rather old.

So...onto other things...

Food Consumed today:

3/4 of a frozen pizza
3 prunes
1 package of rice noodles (from a Wendy's salad...which I might add...rice noodles contain no rice :P)
1 can of DMD, 1 can of Diet Vanilla Pepsi

Weight: 110-115lbs

Song Playing: Bring Me To Life- Evanescence

Wearing: Green flowered tanktop, denim shorts

Did a little Quizilla thing today...

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

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August 12, 2003

Today's Yuckies

Nothing ultra exciting going on today. But did manage to encounter a few yuckies...

First yuckie was that lovely blaster worm going around the 'net last night and this morning. For a moment, there is always a bit of denial on my part, to the tune of, how could it possibly be that which is causing so much trouble on my system. It's like the panic that the Michaelangelo virus started several years back where everyone and their cousin thought that they had it, but in actuality, it was more that people were just panicing that they had it. But in any case, it was making me mad last night while I was sitting in denial about it. Fixed it today...woohoo!

Second yuckie is the weather. What was I dry heat? What happens when it is equally hot and NOT dry! I feel horrible when I go outside, to the tune of me seeking out the lab cold room today. It was making me sick. And then on top of it being just a bit humid, with no rain today, made it even worse. So, going home today, not only can I not touch the steering wheel without burning myself, but it is just sticky and smothering riding in a car for any length of time until the A/C really kicks in good.

Third yuckie is the ongoing tummy troubles. My gag reflex actually kicked in today so I had to stop eating or else it would be countering all that I had forced in earlier. I am thinking my best bet is to attempt to eat several small meals rather than try to eat regular meals. Pretty sure its a tummy issue, even though it almost feels like a combination between a cramp and ... erm ... being gassy?

Fourth? there a fourth...I need sleep!!!! And no matter how well intentioned Kamalesh is...he's on call tonight, which means...INTERRUPTED SLEEP FOR AMY! Past few times he's been on call I get woken up in one way shape or form...

Ok...Bridget Jones section...

As of 7:56pm, Arizona Time:


1 12oz can, 1 20oz bottle of DMD
1/2 of a 12oz can of Diet Vanilla Pepsi
1 can of strawberry/orange SlimFast
1 medium bowl of beef/barley soup from hospital cafeteria
some Cheeze Its


Green tanktop, Winnie the Pooh overall shorts
(Sorry underwear report)

Song stuck in my head:

Barbie Girl-Aqua

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August 09, 2003

Feeling Weird

Hrm, I can't quite pinpoint it, but something has been bothering me for a week or two. I'm trying to peg it on not getting decent sleep or rest, but I don't know if that is it. Maybe my eatting habits aren't that great either. Well, whatever the reason, it sucks.

So, I'll describe it a bit. Often times, I feel tired, but not like I want to sleep. More like just lay there and rest and not have to think hard. My skin feels kind of sensitive to the touch, like sometimes certain touches are amplified by a factor of 4. Maybe it's the weather, but I can't stand the recent heat, it makes me sick to my stomach. Which is another thing, feeling sick to my stomach suddenly sometimes, although, I've experienced that before so it isn't all that strange. Sometimes it seems like I can't focus on more than one thing at a time recently as well. And the food issue. Nothing really seems good to me to eat, and if something does strike me as something that I want, when I start eating, it just makes me feel like blah, like I shouldn't have gone for it. I eat, but it is more of a chore than something I enjoy, which sucks big time.

So, I'm taking it easy today I suppose. Went shopping and cleaned up a bit around here. I still need to tackle my closet and get rid of a bunch of clothes. But I think I'll lay down for a while maybe.'s the daily summary once again...

As of 7:01pm, Arizona Time:

Food/Drink Consumed:

2 12oz cans of DMD
1 Apple/Oatmeal cereal bar
Double Cheeseburger/Fries from McDonalds
Handful of Parmesan/Garlic Cheeze Its

Weight: 110-115lbs

Blue/Green striped tanktop
Blue denim shorts

Song in my head: Gettin' Jiggy with it

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August 08, 2003


So I thought I was halucinating when the 3rd lane on Campbell between Grant and Elm was finally opened this morning! No more 25 MPH speed trap through there. Kamalesh thinks that the city of Tucson kept that 3rd lane closed just so they could trap people and give them speeding tickets through there.

Anyway, I've had a strange day or two of experiencing random halucinations. You might be thinking, yeah Amy, lay off the weed and that'll fix the halucinations. But this is different. Back in college when I lived in the dorms, if I did the all-nighter thing, sometimes I reached a point where I was so tired that I saw movements out of the corner of my eye that could be mistaken for something actually being there. That's the kind of halucinations I'm talking about.

Anyway, last night I was going over to the boyfriend's place and I had a little "out of the corner of my eye" halucination where I swore I saw someone coming down the set of stairs that I was going up. And then again this morning, I ducked out of the way when I swore that I saw a black bird flying over me, when, in fact, it was just the edge of the covered parking.

Woe is me.

Anyhow, onto my Bridget Jones section...

As of 5:51pm, Arizona Time...

Weight: 110-115lbs

Wearing: Blue flowery shirt, Winnie the Pooh Boxer Shorts

Things I consumed so far today:

1 12oz can and 1 20oz bottle of Diet Mountain Dew
Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Curly Fries (hospital cafeteria)
1/3 of the lettuce left over from my Mandarin Chicken Salad from Wendy's
Some Triscuits and Easy Cheese
2 cookies from Australia

Song in my head: One Night in Bangkok

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August 03, 2003

Civ 3:PTW

Yeah! After a little over 33 hours on the timer, we completed our first online PTW game...

Okay, so we didn't play it 33 hours straight, it took place over the course of a couple of months. And I didn't win either. The trophy went to Jim, who I kind of figured would kick my butt given that he's studied the game a bit more than I.

Looking forward to starting another game sometime, maybe with a few more people and maybe a scenario that could be played out in a couple hours, rather than 33+!

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Sweet Tooth

Wow, I must say for the past few days I've had an incredible sweet tooth. Well, maybe it isn't even that. It isn't so much that I crave the sugar, it is the taste of whatever sugary treat I'm thinking of. I'm sure something sugar free would do nicely as well.

So before I gone/come back from DC, I had bought 4 packages of Spree, the non-chewy kind, which are hard to find for some reason around here. They were hidden away in the boyfriend's trunk for a while, until I suddenly realized that there was something else of mine in his trunk, which is when I found the Spree.

Once one package was opened, there was no stopping me. I ate through the entire package at one go. And now they are all gone, sniff, and everytime I see something that reminds me of Spree, I get a wicked craving for them. Woe is me.

Also, way back when I went to Las Vegas, I had bought about a dozen of those little satellite candies that are pure sugar with a bit of flavoring. Kind of like taking a bunch of pixie sticks, wetting them, and forming them into a ball and letting them dry. Oh yummy. I ate through those too...sniff...

Oh well, I'll live and get over it, especially since there is no more candy left here and I'm not likely to buy more in the near future.

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July 31, 2003

Oh where oh where did my little blog go?

Lookie! Highway made the blog go bye bye! But that's okay, because he made it better...supposedly...

Let's see...I just thought I'd put this entry here just because I felt like it. No real reason other than that. So here's the stats for the day:

As of 9:51pm, Arizona Time

Weight: 110-115 lbs

Food Consumed Today:

3 bites of an English Muffin with Cheese on it
1 20oz bottle and 2 12oz cans of DMD
1/2 P'Zone (Pepperoni)
1 "satellite" candy
1/3 of a big chocolate chip cookie
1/2 of a bagel with plain cream cheese

Currently Wearing:

"One can never have too many cats" T-shirt
Candy Heart's Boxer Shorts
Towel on my head

Well, that's it for my first blog entry in this here newly rebuilt blog!

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July 27, 2003

Air Conditioning

Stupid stupid thing, I guess, running through my head. And the topic of debate a few times between myself and the boyfriend.

So, both of us have lived in apartments where all of the utilities were paid for (except for the phone/cable). And actually, one of the reasons I moved into the one that had them all paid was because the previous apartment was really really energy in-efficient. I would freeze in the winter and be hot in the summer. To top it off, the electric bills were getting to be too much. With the new place, I was cozy, but I didn't go overboard, of course.

Now, I live in an apartment where I pay all of the utilities, so I guess I'm pretty aware of my usage. And, in actuality, my current apartment doesn't have unreasonable utility bills and I'm comfortable. It's a balance.

On the other hand, the boyfriend lives in a complex where the utilities are paid.
So what is the first thing he does the moment he moves in? Cranks down the thermostat as low as it will go! (This being a little less than 60 degrees F). Keep in mind, that he did this while we were moving stuff in and the door was left open. So, 110 degrees outside, the poor air conditioner trying to make it seem like 60 inside.

Well, I wouldn't say it gets worse from here, but it sort of does. Yes, even when he is gone between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm, the air conditioner makes a valiant effort to maintain a cool 60 degrees inside. And to add to this, apparently he has decided that he likes "natural lighting", so he opens all of the blinds to let the direct sun in. No, we aren't talking about just twisting the miniblinds open a little bit. This is full OPEN of the blinds, nothing covering the window.

Now, my arguement is this. If he isn't there, why should he leave the A/C going so strongly! And second, why make the poor A/C work even harder because the windows are open and the sunlight is heating the rooms? AND HE ISN'T EVEN THERE!

Come on, I know he isn't paying for electricity, but save the earth for pete's sake!

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July 26, 2003

And the rain rain rain came down down down...

Welcome to the middle of monsoon season. Where there is blue sky in the morning/afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, then suddenly BAM...gray sky and it rains like crazy. Every night you hear the emergency broadcast system signals buzzing on your radio and television.

It's best to stay inside...*smirk*. I know the rain is needed here, but it makes for everyone wanting to go home early from work so they don't get caught in the rain. Streets flood and there is tons of magnificient lightening.

Well, it isn't like a little rain bothers me. Of course, when it rains so much like this, the humidity follows. One of the things that makes Arizona's heat a little more bearable is that there is typically not alot of humidity (10%, if that). Now, it's just like I never left the east coast! It was nearly this humid when I was in Washington DC, and I came back to nearly equal humidity, and 10-20 degrees hotter! I should have just stayed there!

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July 23, 2003

New Style of Journal

So I think I've decided to try the "Bridget Jones" style journal. For those of you who haven't read the book/seen the movie, she starts off every day that she writes in her diary with a variety of factoids about her. Weight, number of cigarettes smoked, amount of alcohol consumed, calories consumed, number of lottery tickets purchased, etc.

Well, since I neither smoke nor drink (drink very very infrequently at least), and I know I'll be smacked again if I say anything about weight loss...I thought maybe I'd modify things a bit.

As of 2:15pm Arizona Time (yes, it's a distinctly different time zone...PST half the year, MST the other half):

Weight: 110-115lbs

Soda Pop Consumed: 2-20oz bottles of Diet Pepsi (all out of DMD and P1 today)

Food Consumed:

2 heart shaped sugar cookies
1 frozen macaroni and cheese thing
1 bag of TGIFriday's Cheddar and Bacon Chips
1 package of Soft Batch Cookies
Song Playing Now: Little Red Corvette, Prince
Wearing: Red/Pink/White Striped Shirt and Winnie the Pooh overall shorts

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July 22, 2003


Here's another one of my blabbings...

Parking and Transportation at the U of A. Money grubs, they are. They make their money off of parking tickets around the university, and I honestly don't blame them for being strict about giving out tickets for people who park w/o permits.

I pay good money for a permit, and I'd be frustrated if someone who wasn't paying was getting away with parking in a permit-only lot. However, twice now, either the P&T person has missed the permit hanging from my window or for some reason, my permit has fallen down. Luckily, there is one "oopsie" like that per year that we are allowed, so I didn't have to fork out the $25 for a no-permit fine.

But, I must say that I'm lucky in that my permit blew down from my mirror the other day when I was going to my parents. Forgot to dig for it and stick it back up, and I managed to park yesterday without my permit, and I didn't get ticketed! Sweet! Go me!

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May 11, 2003

Monsoon Wedding

Bleh...long time since I put an entry in this thing...

Well, saw this rather odd movie over the weekend. I suppose that is what I get for letting my boyfriend pick out the movie.

So, this movie is called Monsoon Wedding, and apparently it was big enough to make it to DVD and be available for rent at the local grocery store. His sister suggested it, apparently. Anyhow, the plot revolves around an Indian wedding. The whole business of the girl letting her parents pick out a groom, but she has a boyfriend that she still likes to mess around with (but he is married, and thats part of the reason I think that she let her parents pick out a husband).

Well, plot aside, my boyfriend thought it was absolutely hilarious. In almost a weird way, he was so excited that it reminded him so much of how things are in India, etc etc. How "typical" middle class Indian families function, the social classes in India, etc.

Now, this might have been the greatest movie since sliced bread to him, but I kind of get tired of things like that. Maybe that is because I consider my family to be a "normal" American family, and while other cultures are certainly interesting to me, seeing movies like this over and over and over and over get old.

Okay, not only that, but maybe these movies are discouraging to me, given that my boyfriend is Indian. Oh gee, this is what I have to look forward to?

To conclude, I think these types of movies have been greatly over done. Sure, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was funny because it had certain "universal" family truths (not just funny to Greek families), but enough of these very ethnic specific movies are coming down the line. They get old, and they aren't funny to me. If anything, they teach younger generations to either 1). laugh and even mock their parents for behaving in such a stereotypical way, or 2). justify certain cultural traditions that are just not practical (i.e. arranged with them or else, no matter how much it makes both parties unhappy).

Well, that was my blurb for today...

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March 02, 2003

Oh my kidneys...

Old news I suppose...but I'm over the sickies I had finally. I'm starting to sound like an old lady who goes off about her medical problems. I'm not that old!

So the first problem that arose was I woke up one morning and I sat up in bed trying to figure out what time it was (I was traveling to a meeting that day). I had this unbelievable chest pain, like a huge cramp. I kept kicking my boyfriend who was fast asleep, crying and just overall freaking out.

Well, I calmed down, took a shower which helped, and for the rest of the day it was just kind of a minor annoyance, only hurting when I breathed in deeply. Slept propped up on a bunch of pillows for a bit.

Then, on the day I was to return, I felt like I was getting a UTI...and having had one of those last year, I thought it best to run out and get some cranberry juice to ward it off. Running to the bathroom, I had my biggest scare when i was peeing blood! YES! I was straight tripping, thinking for a moment I was bleeding to death, etc etc. This happened a few more times before I was able to get ahold of my boyfriend (between his phone being busy and him being in the shower, apparenlty unaware that his pager was going off wildly).

I suppose it made things about 100x worse because I was alone, and away from home. Also the fact that I didn't really have time to sit at an ER because my flight was leaving in a few hours scared me too. I managed to find one of those Ask-a-Nurse thingys, and they told me I was safe to fly so long as I didn't have a fever and I wasn't throwing up.

So, I return to I have to wait until I can go to Student Health (as it was closed for the weekend when I came back). Meow. The WBC count in my urine was wickedly high (too high to count), but the bacterial load wasn't tremendously bad or something.

Along with various other cell counts, and thumpin around on my back, they figured the infection was up closer to my I got the antibiotic routine again, along with some wonderful drug that turned my urine this bright orange! It is quite amazing when you see it! I didn't believe it myself...

So...that's my goofy story...I'll now morph back from a 75 year old to my real age...

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January 25, 2003

Holy Minisymposium!

Wow and oh my god!

So I'm going to this meeting in Toronto this coming April. I submitted an abstract for a poster way back in November, kind of hoping to live up to the same standard as my poster for the same meeting last year.

A little background first. The meeting (AACR) has loads and loads of people and loads n loads of people presenting their research. So most of the people present regular posters in these huge poster sessions. Literally 100's of posters per session, and there are several sessions over a few days.

The next "level" up is a poster discussion session. There are still posters, but they are off in a room and there are only like 25 or 30 together instead of the 100's in the main room. There is also an open microphone and a general discussion of the posters as well. I got one of those last year, much to my surprise.

Well, I was hoping, and maybe expecting another discussion...but I got the notification the other day that my abstract was selected for a Minisymposium! Wow! I mean, no poster...a TALK!

So I am not usually nervous about public speaking, but this just threw me for a loop. *I* get to talk in front of a whole bunch of people that I don't even know! maybe I didn't express my shock and disbelief...but I'm sure everyone will be hearing about it as the time gets closer!

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January 04, 2003

The Great Kitty Rescue

I can't have any more cats, because one more would tip the scales and certify me as a crazy cat lady (I have two...three would do me in).

Anyway, around my apartment complex I have seen several cats roaming around, most which run away from me if I attempt to approach them. So the other night, as Kamalesh is leaving he spies a little kitty up on top of the roof of my apartment building. So of course I go outside and start talking to it, thinking it could probably jump down onto the landing if it so desired, and apparently had gotten up there somehow so it could get down, right?

So at this point my neighbor across the way comes home and starts trying to coax the little cat down. The cat meowing loudly and moving away. To make a long story short, this continues, I see the kitten on top of the building nearly every night for the past few nights.

The great kitty rescue comes when I spy another person across the way this evening, trying to coax the kitty down by providing it with a trellis for it to climb down.

My point? I find it amusing that so many people dislike cats, yet when there is one in need (or apparent need), they start talking like babies with "here kitty kitty..." and "its ok kitty..come on down and it will be alright..." and genuinely seem to want to help. I figure cats have this power over people...and I can't claim to be the first person to make this there are apparently several books written on the subject :)


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December 31, 2002

The great cat chase

Well, I'll round out this year with a little cat-tale. Yes, the pun was intended.

So yesterday was the day to make the 1 1/2 hour trip back home. The kitties had done fairly well going there, with Ashley willingly going into the carrier and sitting nicely in the car, and Alexa only having a slight freakout episode, and being able to be caught in about 20 minutes.

This time around, not so easy. Ashley managed to evade us and after 20 minutes of grabbing at her, we did it the old fashioned way and just tricked her into going into the carrier. Alexa was far more evasive, first managing to hide somewhere after we thought we had shut all of the doors to keep her from running into the rooms and hiding. After lots and lots of crying and howling and a couple of scratches on my arms, Alexa was finally cornered into the bathroom and shoved into the carrier.

So here I am...Happy New Year!

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December 21, 2002

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday was Friday, and today is Saturday. Last night, we watched Jerry Maguire, mainly because Kamalesh had never seen it and it was recommended to him by one of the Pathology professors. It took him a while to get into it, but he was enamored by the kid in the movie and was laughing his butt off for about the last 40 minutes of the movie.

After going to bed, and not worrying about having to wake up before the sun did, I think I didn't get out of bed until actually around 11. Took a shower and did all of that stuff, and I wanted to go to Best Buy because one of the local radio stations was giving out free pizza (YUMMY!) and other little odds n ends. Well, we didn't quite make it there in time, and they were packing up and no more pizza *frown*.

Anyway, we would have gone to Best Buy in either case, and so that is what we did. Then to the Office Max next door, and then to Walmart. I needed to get a bit more food for the cats and another leash because I only have one. We had something to eat at Walmart before we delved into the shopping, and for some reason I don't know whether it is that particular Walmart, but the food area always makes me come out feeling skanky. Maybe because it is near the bathrooms for the store which just scare me. I usually hold it rather than go there, that is how much I don't like it.

Well, then we came back here and I had to clean out a suitcase (actually, that I borrowed from him), as I had put a bunch of junk in it and shoved it in my closet...cats had previously had their way with it and got cat hair on it, so i brushed that off as well. After watching TV for a little, I deposited him at his place so he could do laundry and I could take care of a bit of cleaning here.

So...going to my parents house tomorrow. I need to go out and clean out the car and pack some stuff up before it gets too late.

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December 20, 2002

Today being Friday

Wow, how fast this week went by. Of course, the Friday of every week lately I've said that. It seems as though time actually goes faster during the winter.

Anyway, got up way too early to be healthy this morning after having gone to bed at an equally unhealthy hour. Was helping Kamalesh study pathology slides at the library until around 1:30am, thereby not getting to sleep until closer to 2am. First alarm went off at 5am, but I didn't actually get up until 5:45.

It's actually pretty nice to get to work before everyone else, as there are no interruptions with people opening and closing the door, stopping to entertain me, etc. So I got to work at 6:30, watched the sunrise (as I couldn't avoid looking out the windows in the halls of the Cancer Center). Started to work on spot-finding on the microarray that was finished yesterday.

So, I pretty much spent the rest of the day until the boyfriend came doing bits and pieces of data analysis. Nothing really sticks out terribly, but then again I think I need to look at an earlier time point. My own stupid fault that I picked the 24 hour time point instead of an earlier one.

Went to Eegees for lunch and dropped Kamalesh off afterwards so he could make some phone calls and nap. Haven't heard from him since then, so with any luck he's getting some much needed rest. I did a bit of cleaning in preparation for leaving this weekend for a little over a week. Then I took a nap with the cats as well.

Joe called, and in my half awake daze had a hard time figuring out the voice. The 480 area code tripped me up, trying to figure out who in Phoenix was calling. Rick's cell phone number pops up on my list so it wasn't him. Took me a minute, but I finally figured out the voice-game.

Well, I have a tendancy to blabber on...but after all, what are these things for!

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December 19, 2002

My first entry...

Wow, such a catchy title!

Well, blabbering off about my day...went to work today after having woken up a good deal later than I intended. I'm getting back into the microarray scene again in the sense that I'm hyb'ing my own slides...go me!

Anyway, my microarray slide worked and I was pretty pleased with that. I'm kind of one for jumping into these things once they start to work again, but I'm convincing myself to move a bit slower and more carefully this time.

After that, had lab meeting and went to the lab Christmas party. Lunch seemed to take forever, my only gripe being the waitress alternating my Diet Coke with regular coke...yack...In the great gift exchange I ended up with a nice box type candle holder thing with a cute decoration on it. Better than the lottery tickets last year, the suction cup gun the year before that, aww crap I don't remember what the year before that, and the bird feeder I actually liked but got stolen off my patio the year before that.

Went home, took a nap with the cats and can't seem to shake the headache I have now. Can't determine whether its a sinus headache or whether I'm getting sick, but nothing has seemed to work, drug wise, on it.

Survivor finale tonight even! Managed to miss a section of it of about an hour...but from what I hear I didn't miss much...glad I at least got to see the end, else that significant other of mine would have had to deal with the wrath of Amy.

Ok...I'm done ranting...goodnight!

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